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Lavall Chichester’s journey of innovation & impact as a digital maverick

Along with his brother Lamont Chichester, Lavall Chichester co-founded Growth Skills

Photo courtesy of Lavall Chichester
Photo courtesy of Lavall Chichester

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Lavall Chichester stands tall as a true self-starter as he creates a distinguished path within the digital marketing world. Chichester’s unique journey radiates resilience, creativity, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact as an entrepreneur, martial artist, and digital marketing visionary.

Chichester spent his childhood in Guyana before moving to Brooklyn at the age of four. His aspiration for a brighter future guided him on an unconventional path. Initially, he dreamed of becoming an author after completing his studies in English at Brooklyn College. Yet Chichester’s entrepreneurial spirit steered him in a different direction. Along with his brother Lamont Chichester, he co-founded Growth Skills. Currently, Lamont holds the position of Chief Operating Officer at the company.

Chichester’s martial arts background, including achieving a second-degree black belt in hapkido and excelling as a bare-knuckle karate champion, instilled in him invaluable qualities like focus, humility, and discipline. Those very traits proved valuable both in his sporting and professional endeavors. 

Nearly twenty years ago, Chichester was led to discover the power of search engine optimization while navigating the challenges of website development. Becoming informed of SEO’s potential to drive organic traffic and leads, he employed this knowledge to push Growth Skills forward. His innovative strategies, including developing an integrated search methodology, significantly boosted the online presence of prominent clients such as Simply Business, Western Union,, and tech giant Apple. Chichester’s achievements even earned him an acclaimed spot on AdAge’s 40 under 40 list in 2015.

Motivated by the desire to share his successful strategies, Chichester set out on a mission to empower clients worldwide, helping them scale their businesses effectively. Under his leadership, Growth Skills has become renowned for its ability to build brands and devise impactful strategies across various industries. Another venture,, focuses on empowering minorities and underserved communities to enhance financial literacy, providing invaluable insights to financial services clients.

Through, Growth Skills’ non-profit arm, Chichester combats online hate by allowing individuals to send anonymous messages of hope and inspiration. This philanthropic endeavor perfectly aligns with Growth Skills’ commitment to using digital platforms for uplifting change. As online search evolves with Google’s introduction of the AI-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE), Chichester remains at the forefront, leveraging AI to optimize client websites and ensure continued success in digital marketing. 

With strategic expansion plans, including team growth in Sofia, Bulgaria, and new offices in Miami and Mexico City, Growth Skills is poised to maintain its widespread leadership position in the industry. Growth Skills’ positive impact in the digital marketing arena has been consistently recognized, earning accolades such as being a finalist in two prestigious categories at the U.S. Search Awards in 2023 — Best SEO Agency and Best Use of Search. Its innovative SEO campaigns have also been celebrated, with awards from U.S. Search and Search Engine Land. 

Growth Skills is devoted to both business growth and cultural endeavors, supporting initiatives like the inclusion of breakdancing in the 2024 Olympics through, one of the earliest online schools for breakdancing. Proving to contribute to diverse sectors, like dance, charity, and more, Lavall Chichester ultimately remains dedicated to making a lasting difference with positivity and passion at the core. 

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