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KFC and Taco Bell might start delivering to your home

Pizza delivery has been around for decades but you could soon be able to get your tacos and buckets of original recipe chicken delivered right to your door as well. Pizza Hut is currently the only restaurant owned by Yum! Brands that offers home delivery but, according to Chief Executive Greg Creed, the other two Yum! restaurants (Taco Bell and KFC) could soon join.

Creed says he believes the Taco Bell delivery service could be particularly successful, calling it a potential “massive sales driver for the brand.” He says the company wants to do a trial run with the delivery service first, most likely at a few stores near college campuses. The Taco Bell delivery service would not be available all the time. The company says it would likely only offer the service on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and would not deliver during lunch time. As for KFC, Creed says the menu sets it up to be a great delivery service.

Many fast food joints, including the Yum! Brands restaurants, have been trying different marketing techniques recently. McDonald’s, for example, has recently tried to revamp its struggling business by introducing some new items to its menu and bringing back its popular mascot, the Hamburglar. Similarly, KFC recently reintroduced Colonel Sanders in its commercials, a character based on the actual founder of the restaurant chain.

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