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Jhilam Biswas leads Silicon Valley’s big move into advanced cloud security

“Right now, we’re all using the cloud. But without new security improvements, using the cloud could become risky for businesses,” says Biswas.

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Photo by Pixabay:

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“Right now, we’re all using the cloud. But without new security improvements, using the cloud could become risky for businesses,” says Jhilam Biswas, a Customer Engineering Manager at Google. She’s known for her forward-thinking ideas in the cloud computing world, and her reputation is growing as fast as the industry.

Cloud computing is everywhere now, but Biswas points out a hidden problem. As companies globally start using the cloud, keeping their information safe has become a big worry. Biswas isn’t just watching this happen–she’s a lively leader working hard to improve cloud security. 

A Skilled Leader in a Tough Field

Biswas knows a lot about Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, and Cybersecurity. She loves “solving tricky tech problems” and “connecting people and technology,” and many people in the tech world listen to what she has to say.

“Cloud Security is always changing,” Biswas explains. “It’s about always learning and growing. That’s why I find it so interesting.” Her recent article in Cyber Defense Magazine’s August Edition for 2023 underscores this sentiment, emphasising the importance of a modern and holistic approach to tech sector security and recognizing the transformative benefits of ML & AI in cybersecurity.

Numbers from 2023 back up her claims. The worldwide cloud computing market is expected to grow to USD 832 billion by 2025, increasing by 18% annually. But with this big growth comes risks, and cyber attacks have gone up by 30% in 2023 alone.

Finding New Ways to Innovate

Biswas’s work at Google includes leading projects like Google Kubernetes Engine, Big Query, VertexAI, and Cloud Security Command Centre. She’s always right in the middle of coming up with new ideas.

“We’re always trying new things,” she says. “And it’s not just about machines; it’s about working with people. That’s what brings out real creativity.”

Although, not everyone agrees with her. As some would caution that cloud security can be unpredictable, Biswas answers critics by showing them what she can do. She has proven success in making big deals for Google Cloud and speaking at important events.

Leading Through Action and Results

It’s not just words that define Biswas’s leadership; her actions speak volumes. With the successful closure of over 50M USD in deals for Google Cloud and a proactive role as a speaker and mentor, she has proven her prowess both in business acumen and intellectual exploration.

Her commitment to advanced security features, like web application firewalls and intrusion prevention systems, mirrors her vision for a multifaceted approach to cloud security.

Biswas distinguishes herself through her nuanced understanding of the field as “a dance between challenge and opportunity.” She views cloud security not as a stagnant field but as a continually evolving landscape filled with possibilities and potential pitfalls.

Her contributions to journals and her insights into subjects like Network Traffic Analysis and intrusion prevention reflect a deep intellectual engagement with the subject matter.

“The journey is about continuous growth, always learning, and redefining what’s possible,” Biswas explains. Her perspective on cloud security resonates with a broader movement within the tech industry, focusing on agility, innovation, and human-centric design.

A Complex Path Forward

“The future of cloud security is bright, but it’s a complex road, filled with surprises and endless potential,” concludes Biswas. 

In Jhilam Biswas, Silicon Valley finds a leader and a visionary who recognizes the intricate interplay between technology and humanity. Her story is a tale of professional achievement that brings forth a future where technological advances are harnessed with elegance, efficiency, and, most importantly, security.

As the cloud continues to shape our digital industry, leaders like Biswas will undoubtedly play a crucial role in ensuring the future is innovative, safe, and reliable.

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