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Innovation, authenticity, and originality: Embracing 2024 with Julious Grant’s recipe for success in the spirits industry

Grant’s journey in the spirits industry spans three decades, during which he held senior leadership roles in some of the world’s most renowned wine and spirits companies

Julious Grant. Photo courtesy of Julious Grant
Julious Grant. Photo courtesy of Julious Grant

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In an era where the spirits industry is witnessing a surge in demand for authenticity, innovation, and diverse flavor profiles, Julious Grant, the founder and chairman/CEO of Brand House Group, has emerged as a visionary entrepreneur redefining the landscape of artisanal spirits production. He enters 2024 with a diverse roster of brands that celebrate cultures and traditions from around the world while continuing to capture the attention and palates of spirits enthusiasts across the United States.

A visionary’s journey

Grant’s journey in the spirits industry spans three decades, during which he held senior leadership roles in some of the world’s most renowned wine and spirits companies. From his early days at Seagram to his C-Suite positions at Moët Hennessy, Bacardi and Beam Suntory, to name a few, Grant’s career is marked by an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

Previously responsible for the growth of some of the world’s most well-known and highly regarded spirits brands, Grant made his entrepreneurial leap in 2019 after recognizing voids in the market for unique offerings that deliver consumers approachable yet distinct taste experiences. His new venture is pushing the boundaries of flavor profiles, introducing handcrafted spirits to the market and delighting enthusiasts and newcomers alike with a diverse and compelling range of super- premium liquors.

Brand House Group: A fusion of cultures

Under Grant’s leadership, Brand House Group has become a beacon of innovation and cultural celebration in the world of spirits. With brands like O’RTE Single Estate Tequila, OMAGE California Artisanal Brandy, AWAYUKI Japanese Strawberry Gin, TEITESSA Single Grain Japanese Whisky, among others, the portfolio is a testament to Grant’s passion for bringing unique and authentic flavors with global resonance to the American market.

Grant explains, “Our portfolio is a celebration of cultures and traditions. Each brand tells a story, and every bottle is an invitation to explore the world through the lens of spirits. It’s about narrating the untold stories of unique ingredients from across the globe.”

Exceptional growth and enthusiastic reception

Grant’s commitment to quality and innovation has not gone unnoticed. Brand House Group’s portfolio has gained rapid traction among U.S. spirits enthusiasts, who have embraced the diverse collection. According to Grant, “Our journey to bring these spirits to market has been an incredible one, and we are truly humbled by the enthusiastic reception our brands have received. It reaffirms our belief that there is a growing demand for spirits that offer more than just a drink; they offer a cultural experience and a journey of flavors.”

A venture in exploration

Grant’s brands take consumers on a voyage of discovery, spanning the storied agave fields of Mexico’s tequila heartland, the sun-soaked vineyards of California, and the artistry of Japan’s time-honored distilleries. Whether it’s the complex flavor profiles of Grant’s French cognac-inspired OMAGE Artisanal Brandy, produced with a harmonious blend of varietally-expressive California grapes, or the fragrant essence of AWAYUKI Strawberry Gin, infused with precious Japanese strawberries harvested exclusively in Japan’s Nara prefecture, each bottle embodies the essence of its origin.

Looking ahead with confidence

Grant and his team are collaborating with industry leaders to ensure their brands reach a broad audience. Through strategic partnerships with Southern Glazer’s Wines & Spirits, Allied Beverage, Empire Distributors, and Horizon Beverage, Brand House Group continues to expand its presence in the market by making its products more accessible to retailers and consumers across the country. 

Grant remains confident in the future. He affirms, “We’re ready to take on new challenges and introduce our brands to even more consumers as we continue to grow. The spirits industry is evolving, and we’re here to lead the way with products that are poised to become top shelf mainstays in restaurants, nightlife venues, wine and spirits retailers, and home bars across the US. We have big things in store for 2024 and beyond.”

In a world where spirits are more than just beverages, Grant’s Brand House Group stands as a testament to the power of passion, culture, and innovation in crafting exceptional artisanal brands. As the portfolio continues to grow and captivate new audiences over the year ahead, Grant’s vision promises to be a toast to tradition, excellence, and endless possibilities in the world of spirits. 

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