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If there is one single thing about the Internet that has revolutionized
the way the world does business, it is the ease and economy with which
related companies learn about each other, so they can benefit from the
synergy of their relationships. One visionary who was quick to take
advantage of the business opportunities inherent on the Internet is
Derek Atkin, Founder and President of The Windsor Consultants Group of
Internet Companies.

The pre-eminent resource centre for travel, exhibition, trade show,
convention, meeting and event planners, Windsor Consultants recently
announced phase two of its site-launch, This web
site is a consortium of event and travel. Phase one of the launch
concentrated on offering membership to corporate executives engaged in
event planning. The objective of phase two is to make the central point for all meeting and travel-related
associations worldwide. While until now the services of the Windsor
Consultants web sites have concentrated largely on bringing together
industry professionals within the United States, Phase 2 is a bold
attempt to harness the power of the Internet in creating a resource
center of global proportions.

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