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I’ll Google that: Best companies to work for revealed

Google was revealed to be the best company to work for in the UK, with an employee satisfaction score of 82.88 out of 100 overall.

The nine Supreme Court justices will examine a case involving Google and related to the November 2015 attacks in Paris
Image: — © AFP/File ANGELA WEISS
Image: — © AFP/File ANGELA WEISS

Google ranks as the best company to work for employees based in the U.K., according to a new review of the features that most attract prospective employees to work for a company and the reasons workers remain with a firm. This was based on different measures of employee satisfaction.

Salesforce came second in the study, with Morgan Stanley in third place.  Deutsche Bank and Cisco Systems ranked fourth and fifth place, respectively.

Employee engagement company Weekly10 analysed online Glassdoor reviews for 1,090 companies with employees in the U.K., to determine which are the best places to work. Companies with more than 1,000 reviews, 20 salaries and 5 job openings were included in the research. The findings have been shared with Digital Journal.

The analysis took user ratings for several different categories, which were then weighted and added together to create an ‘Employee Satisfaction Score’ out of 100 for each company. While such qualitative factors are often difficult to measure, an attempt was made to assess many of the factors that go into the ‘good employer’ model.

The categories considered were salary, business outlook, recommendation to friends, approval of the CEO, ratings from different demographic groups, health benefits, financial benefits, flexible work hours and working from home, sick pay and vacation days, transportation benefits, career opportunities, and miscellaneous benefits.

Google was revealed to be the best company to work for in the UK, with an employee satisfaction score of 82.88 out of 100 overall. It received 95.35 for career opportunities and 89.30 for salary, which were some of the highest scores in each of their respective categories based on the ratings of former and current employee feedback.

Google also scored highly for its sick pay and vacation system with 87.86 out of 100, alongside receiving 79.14 out of 100 for its flexible work hours and work from home policy based on employee feedback. The median yearly salary at Google is approximately £82,500.

In second place was Salesforce, with a satisfaction score of 81.28 out of 100 based on ratings of employee feedback.

Deutsche Bank received 97.98 for its health benefits and 97.71 for its flexible hours, also scoring 96 for sick pay and holiday. The median yearly salary at Salesforce is approximately £73,566.  The company was however let down slightly by its business outlook experience score of 63.51 out of 100 based on employee feedback. Salesforce provides customer relationship management software and applications focused on sales, customer service, and marketing automation.

Morgan Stanley came close behind in third with a satisfaction score of 79.61 out of 100 based on ratings of employee feedback. The financial services company received 86.75 for approval of its CEO and has a median yearly salary of £67,658.

Deutsche Bank ranked fourth with a satisfaction score of 79.29 out of 100, while Cisco Systems came fifth with a score of 79.11. Investment banking company Deutsche Bank scored 72.95 for business outlook based on ratings of employee feedback and has a median yearly salary of £73,002. Digital communications company Cisco Systems received 83.78 in the same category and has a median yearly salary of £56,389.

The top ten is:

RankCompanyEmployee Satisfaction Score (out of 100)
3.Morgan Stanley79.61
4.Deutsche Bank79.29
5.Cisco Systems79.11
6.Dell Technologies78.83
8.Bank of America78.35
12.S&P Global77.51
15.Visa Inc.75.63
21.Expedia Group74.50
22.Bloomberg L.P.74.42
23.GE HealthCare74.22

Other companies that managed to make the top ten include Dell Technologies, Accenture, Bank of America, Avanade, and Microsoft. Each company was scored on 13 different categories to give an overall score out of 100. Each category was weighted based on importance and amount of data available.

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