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How this young writer is helping companies reach millions

Annie Lin is elevating companies’ digital presence and positioning them at the media’s forefront. How does she do it?

Photo courtesy Annie Lin
Photo courtesy Annie Lin

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Every company aims to reach millions, and this media mogul is helping them get there. Annie Lin, 26, is elevating companies’ digital presence and positioning them at the media’s forefront. How does she do it? Lin uncovers the industry expert’s tips and tricks to crack the algorithm.

Lin’s knowledge comes hand in hand with nearly seven years of experience under her belt. She had a meteoric rise in ranks from interning at Seventeen Magazine to producing live news shows at CNBC, and is now at the helm of social media for Departures. What’s more, she’s consulted countless international brands on their content strategies to bring them to the next echelon. 

Transforming Companies in a Digital Era

In this metamorphic media era, Lin has honed in on the art of writing for the modern audience through skillful, thoughtful content curation. “When it comes to content, whether that’s editorial, social, broadcast, or other, it’s the opposite of one size fits all,” she said. “Instead, you should focus on personalized strategies that cater to each brand.” 

This approach has helped her spearhead content as a writer for leading global media companies such as BDG, home to Bustle, Elite Daily, Nylon, W Magazine, and more. Most recently, Lin has brought the prestigious 40-year-old American Express publication Departures into the limelight. In under a year, she has leveraged social media strategies to gain an average monthly increase of 167% in reach and 83.5% in engagement. Under her direction, the platform averages an astounding 3.5 million monthly views on social media. 

According to Lin, here are the things you need to create a formula for success. 

Metrics That Matter

“Metrics are a numbers game, but it starts with your content,” she stated. “It should be equally visually captivating as it is informative.” She highlights Instagram as the key platform for helping brands gain visibility and attract new audiences. Dash Hudson’s 2023 Media and Publishing report backs her findings as they see Instagram’s shift to algorithmic content proving advantageous for brands. 

She points to Instagram’s use of SEO tactics in its keyword search as an effective tool for brands. “To reach more users, optimize your captions like you would for Google’s SEO,” she explained. “In other words, include keywords people would search for in your captions.” If there was only one tip to take away, Lin shared, it would be that “consistency is key.” That means finding your niché and posting content on the daily to stay ahead of algorithm shifts. 

Innovation for Media’s Future

To exist in today’s media realm is to be able to shapeshift and wear different hats. Lin and her new-wave company, Maree Media, are taking that leap into digital content and helping businesses flourish with her visionary writing direction. It’s a formula that will take her far and wide, securing businesses’ access to a global audience, and undoubtedly leaving a lasting impact in an increasingly interconnected and content-driven mediascape.

By curating a blend of traditional journalism with the agility of digital marketing, she’s helping to chart the course for media’s next chapter. Lin’s ability to traverse both traditional and digital realms ensures she remains a pivotal figure in setting industry standards and shaping the future. Her journey from magazine intern to media mogul underscores the importance of having adaptability and visionary insight in today’s digital age. Moreover, her story is a testament to the boundless opportunities awaiting those who dare to innovate and adapt.

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