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How Lailan Bento uses her skills and financial gains to leave a positive mark in the community

At the top of the Hawaii real estate industry is Lailan Bento, the Rookie of the Year award winner.

Lailan Bento
Photo courtesy Lailan Bento
Photo courtesy Lailan Bento

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At the top of the Hawaii real estate industry is Lailan Bento, the Rookie of the Year award winner. Bento is an experienced real estate professional and the principal broker at Hawaiߵi Development Group, a leading Hawaii real estate company.

Bento began her career working in the Hawaii governor’s office, gaining unparalleled experience in community service. She also worked hard to establish her presence as a dedicated, honest, and committed woman in the business world. She also showed a burning desire for success. After years of service in the governor’s office, she left to co-found Hawaiߵi Development Group.

She founded the company alongside her mother, who also shares a strong passion and love for the real estate industry. Through her resilience and hard work, the real estate firm has become a leader in the industry, offering affordable and sustainable housing for communities throughout the islands. Bento also established a personal brand synonymous with exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

Bento also shows an incredible love for her Hawaiian culture and origins. She remains bound by the Hawaiin culture and values she grew up learning. Bento was taught to show love for people of different cultures and values. Hawaiߵi Development Group was also founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, excellence, and dedication. Bento says those principles are applied to every transaction, whether big or small, with the highest possible care.

Bento also is leaving a mark in the community through her selfless acts of charity. She dedicated herself to putting her skills and financial gains toward helping the less-privileged. She is a firm believer in the Hawaiian value of aloha.

“Giving back to my community is important to me, and I consider this a responsibility of mine,” insists Bento.

Bento also founded a nonprofit group that seeks to raise funds and send local keiki to private schools and colleges. She wants to provide as many scholarships as possible to help the community and improve literacy levels. Bento has firsthand experience being a young, uneducated minority woman and how it can be tough to maneuver your way to success in such a position. She wants to help empower other people not to allow their age, gender, or skin color to be barriers to realizing their goals.

Her ambition is to grow and become a developer, build sustainable developments, and give back to her community. Part of her vision as a developer is to engineer programs for youth and kupuna, including farmers markets. Bento wants to do things differently, consider the community, and make sure it benefits from the developments she makes happen. Her goal is to bring transparency and authenticity to the Hawaii real estate industry for the community’s benefit.

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