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How ImageSource drives innovation with AI-powered automation and tailored solutions

Founded in 1994, ImageSource has been helping companies with the implementation of cutting-edge components for nearly three decades.

(Left to right) Kristina Linehan, VP of Sales; Randy Weakly, CTO; Ryan Keller, CIO; Terry Sutherland, CEO; Phong Hoang, VP of Development; Marni Carmichael, VP of Marketing
(Left to right) Kristina Linehan, VP of Sales; Randy Weakly, CTO; Ryan Keller, CIO; Terry Sutherland, CEO; Phong Hoang, VP of Development; Marni Carmichael, VP of Marketing

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In 1965, the renowned technologist Gordon E. Moore predicted computing power would double every 18–24 months, and that prediction has remained astonishingly correct for the past half-century. Indeed, with the recent arrival of GPT4 and widespread pleas to halt AI development for the foreseeable future, technology may be moving faster than its creators can keep up with. Even the most advanced organizations can’t implement AI at the rate it’s evolving. But good infrastructure decisions enable businesses to improve efficiency and productivity, and great infrastructure decisions allow the implementation of cutting-edge components.

Founded in 1994, ImageSource has been helping companies with that kind of implementation for nearly three decades. Its ILINX platform is a flexible, integrated, modular suite with an infrastructure that includes AI and machine learning components, rapidly enables task automation, and most importantly, improves business processes throughout an entire organization.  

From onboarding and utilizing content to intelligent workflow, data loss prevention, cognitive services, and more, ILINX allows companies to automate tasks for greater efficiency. The platform relies on AI-driven, efficient workflows, reducing dependence on manual processes. ImageSource takes an individualized approach to its deployment, mapping each company’s goals and most critical needs and customizing the onboarding process so companies can integrate the platform’s features at their own pace. 

ILINX has modernized government organizations and enterprises across a broad range of industries, covering thousands of business processes and hundreds of thousands of users. One example is VITAS, a home healthcare provider collecting nearly two million documents annually in patients’ homes. Once deployed, ILINX allowed workers to collect, process, and manage required healthcare documentation via mobile devices. As a result, VITAS was able to eliminate the vulnerabilities of manually-processed paperwork while maintaining HIPAA compliance, resulting in a 7x increase in billing accuracy. 

The platform was also effectively used to support the COVID response of the Quinault Indian Nation, a sovereign nation of more than 2,800 members in the Pacific Northwest. ImageSource designed and implemented a process using ILINX eForms to automate COVID test scheduling and all follow-up communication. Securing personal health information and facilitating vital communication ultimately reduced the spread of COVID-19 within the Nation and provided a solution on which the Nation continues to build. 

ImageSource’s customer partners range from household names from Costco, Suzuki, and Mazda to government agencies like the Washington Secretary of State, the California court system, the State of North Dakota, and more. In its nearly thirty years in business, ImageSource has been recognized time and again with awards and accolades, including the AI Breakthrough Award for Best Intelligent Information Management Solution in 2021 and Silicon Review’s list of 50 Innovative Companies to Watch in 2022. 

Amid concerns about AI’s impact on job roles or creativity, one thing is clear: adopting relevant new technology is critical for businesses and organizations to continue thriving. The expertise and tools offered by ImageSource and its contemporaries will continue playing a crucial role in bridging AI and tech advancements with practical, real-world solutions for companies and organizations for years to come. 

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