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How former police officer turned lawyer, Travis Hanson, found success and financial freedom in real estate investing

“The sky’s the limit for anyone in real estate business,” says Travis Hanson.

Travis Hanson
Photo courtesy Travis Hanson
Photo courtesy Travis Hanson

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With the boundless opportunities that the real estate industry provides, the sky’s the limit for new and existing investors and entrepreneurs, as long as they have the right mental attitude and information to run with. That is the submission of Travis Hanson, a lawyer, and former police officer, who found financial freedom as a real estate investor. 

Before he got involved in real estate, Travis, who comes from a humble background, had a rough start. He had trouble going through school. So he joined the police service early and never went to college because he figured he couldn’t cope. After spending some time with the force, he earned a bachelor’s degree and transitioned to law school. His goal was to get involved in doing something worthwhile, but he wanted financial freedom. 

Even though Travis would obtain a couple of Bachelor’s degrees, a Masters Degree and a Juris Doctorate Degree, Travis realized there was more than just going to school and getting a secure job. Real estate provided the opportunity he wanted, and while in law school, he began to put any money he came up with into real estate. 

Travis spent every dime he had on real estate without giving unnecessary thought to the inherent risks. “The sky’s the limit for anyone in real estate business,” he says. “And I’m proof of that because I came from a place called Rose Park, Utah, which is like the ghetto of Salt Lake. I’m a fully retired multimillionaire living off passive income and owning several companies.” 

Furthermore, Travis Hanson believes that finding success in real estate isn’t all that farfetched. He’s been doing it for a long time, and he says investing in real estate is easy. People only have to get off their couches and get to work. 

Using an analogy to push his point, Travis observed that many people who attend real estate investment seminars never move on to do anything serious in real estate because the more significant percentage will relapse into a negative mindset soon after the seminar. They will spend the next few weeks after the real estate gig just thinking about the negative aspects of real estate and end up convincing themselves why it can’t be done. So they’ll never do a deal because they don’t have the mindset to take the next step. 

That is why he’s put together The Real Estate Retreat Network.  This network is designed to help people develop the right mindset to blow out negativity concerning real estate and get them to take active steps to achieve financial freedom. 

“My goal is to fundamentally have them shift their mindset, to teach them that there is another way, and it’s not very hard; you just have to overcome that big first hurdle,” he says, basically like pulling the trigger. 

Moving forward, against people’s expectation to make it overnight, Travis opines that real estate is a long-term business. With each success or setback, the focus should be consistency. The flip side is that if you don’t have that attitude, you might as well be in your secure 9-5 job for 40 years and retire afterward. Because in the final analysis, Travis does not hold back and says real estate is not for everyone. 

Even though he admits there are risks involved in real estate, Travis insists that the risk can be managed when entrepreneurs and investors are disciplined, have a strategy, and stay in their lane.

“And as long as I stay within my lane, there’s no risk on what I do. You keep pushing forward,” he says. “I’ve been consistent over time, and it’s always just paid off.” 

Considering his lowly background and how he essentially built his business up from scratch without relying upon gifts or handouts from family, Travis says that if he can do it, anyone can. All it requires is having the right mindset and attitude.

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