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How finance expert Jeff Sekinger found his true professional calling

Growing up in Ohio, Jeff Sekinger was raised by entrepreneur parents so he always understood the value of having something of his own.

Jeff Sekinger
Photo courtesy Jeff Sekinger
Photo courtesy Jeff Sekinger

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As children, many of us ponder upon the thought of our careers. Many have to try out different things and struggle their way to finally finding out their dream job while for some, the answer is always there. For Jeff Sekinger, it was always the latter. 

Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, Jeff was raised by entrepreneur parents so he always understood the value of having something of his own. Jeff got to understand the pros and cons of entrepreneurship and turned both into lessons that we would go on to be a part of his life.

After graduating from the University of Kentucky, Jeff knew that he wanted to do something of his own. Times weren’t always easy for Jeff, at one point he was in a lot of debt and had a credit score of 524. Within these circumstances, Jeff knew he had to do something and he couldn’t wait around for things to improve themselves. During the early days, Jeff suffered from addiction from prescribed opiates which led to some of the darkest days in his life. For many, times like these are where they give up. Jeff took all these as challenges and started to improve upon his life.

Overcoming his many problems, Jeff started  Zero Percent. Zero Percent is a financial education company that aims to provide assistance and consultation to entrepreneurs who are just starting out their ventures. This specific target was set by Jeff because he personally understood the importance of getting investments, assets, and finances right at an early agel. Starting out in difficult times, Jeff has grown Zero Percent into an impressive company consisting of more than 45 employees. 

After getting one of his endeavors up and running, Jeff still had another lesson from his childhood, which was financial security. Since entrepreneurs have no boss, there can be ups and downs in business and Jeff saw this all his life. He wanted to make sure that he would be stable. 

To make this come true, Jeff went ahead and founded his cryptocurrency hedge fund known as Orca Capital. During his journey here, Jeff consulted in-depth research on the various possible options and finally found asset management in the cryptocurrency segment. The success of Orca Capital has since been off the charts with now over $50 million in management from clients and investors from all over the globe. 

Looking at these milestones and achievements, it certainly goes to show the kind of success Jeff has achieved. Many may think that it’s easy for him, however, this could not be further from the truth. The coronavirus acted as a hurdle and a difficult time for Jeff however through his determination and hard work overcame these times and made himself who he is today. 

Jeff wants to turn Zero Percent into an $80 million endeavor with over 125 employees. As for Orca Capital, Jeff plans to turn it into an awe-inspiring hedge fund managing an incredible $1 billion for their investors and clients. The determination to keep his clients satisfied has always been the driving force for Jeff and he plans to continue his work while providing the quality service he’s known for.

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