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How Acquire BPO’s launching of Acquire.AI promises to help businesses grow (and quickly)

One of the biggest goals with the launch of Acquire.AI is helping AI become more accessible and less intimidating to business owners

Photo courtesy of Scott Stavretis
Photo courtesy of Scott Stavretis

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With the AI revolution in full swing, many business owners are eagerly looking for ways they can implement AI to grow their own companies. Of course, understanding how to properly use AI to address operational efficiencies can sometimes be easier said than done.

To that end, customer experience and business process outsourcing company Acquire BPO recently launched a new automation and intelligence division known as Acquire.AI that specifically focuses on helping businesses successfully implement AI.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Scott Stavretis, CEO of Acquire BPO, to get a better understanding of the what and why behind his company’s latest venture.

Making AI more accessible

For Stavretis and his team, one of the biggest goals with the launch of Acquire.AI is helping AI become more accessible and less intimidating to business owners in general. Notably, a study from Microsoft found that while 47% of small business owners believe AI can be a valuable asset, only 10% feel like they know how to use it for work.

“There’s a lot of excitement surrounding AI, but there’s also a lot of uncertainty,” Stavretis says. “Especially for business owners who don’t consider themselves particularly tech-savvy, they can see the potential impact AI could have, but feel uncertain about how they could possibly implement it for themselves. We’ve already made investments in AI tech and expertise with the goal of becoming much-needed resources for these types of business owners. As a consulting service, we can help them gain confidence in how they make use of this technology.”

To that end, Acquire.AI offers comprehensive AI consulting to help business owners identify and implement AI solutions that would prove the most impactful for their own operations.

“We believe that by serving as the advisor and utilizing our agnostic service-provider and systems-integrator approach, that businesses can have greater confidence in deciding which applications will be best suited to their needs and then put them into practice,” Stavretis explains.

While individual businesses might have limited money and resources to invest in AI, Acquire.AI’s consulting services make this process more cost- and time-effective so that they can quickly take advantage of new innovative solutions.

Unlocking the power of automation

Stavretis views automation as a core part of the value that AI applications such as automated QA, speech analytics and RPA can provide to businesses across a broad spectrum of industries.

“AI applications can accurately execute repetitive tasks, provide next-level analytics to help drive strategic and performance improvements, and help you implement solutions to improve service quality and security,” Stavretis explains. “Automation allows business owners to dedicate more of their time to higher-level tasks that increase revenues, while also improving the efficiency of other activities.”

To that end, Acquire.AI supports AI implementation across a wide range of essential departments, including finance and accounting, marketing and sales, customer experience and contact centers and back office support. With its advanced AI knowledge base providing additional support, business owners have a full suite of available options to aid their approach toward automation.

Notably, a report from Fortune indicates that as many as 50% of the tasks employees work on today will be automated in 20 years. The early adopters of AI-powered automation resources will give themselves an inherent advantage by increasing their operating efficiency and having more time for higher-level tasks that much earlier than their competitors.

Custom-tailored solutions

With such a broad spectrum of potential applications, it should come as no surprise that Acquire.AI also places a heavy emphasis on providing custom-tailored solutions for business owners.

“Whether they’re looking for a way to automate a key activity or need help solving a specific problem, Acquire.AI can help identify and implement effective solutions tailored to that business,” Stavretis says. “Analyzing a business’s processes to then craft AI-driven strategies is key to developing solutions that effectively address each business’s specific needs in a vendor-agnostic approach.”

This approach allows Acquire.AI to become a true strategic partner for its clients, enabling them to find the AI solutions that will drive growth and efficiency while simultaneously helping lower operational expenses. Such support can help businesses of all sizes complete their digital transformation efforts in a way that is actually beneficial for their long-term goals.

Whether an organization needs assistance with chatbots, RPA, speech analytics or even voice biometrics, custom-tailored solutions ensure that their design, implementation and maintenance cater directly to operational and budgetary needs.

Unleashing AI’s potential

“AI has so much to offer for business owners of every size and niche,” Stavretis concludes. “It really just comes down to them being able to recognize the areas where AI can make a meaningful difference on their operations, and then finding and implementing the right solutions. When businesses do this, it ultimately helps unlock the full potential of their human teams, as well. We tend to focus on areas of efficiency or growth improvements for our clientele.”

With resources like Acquire.AI poised to help businesses better understand how to use AI, the growth potential for companies that want to make use of AI automation has never been greater. As more companies adopt tailored AI solutions to address their operational needs, their potential for growth and innovation will increase in turn.

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