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Hiring Tips: Understanding ‘ghosting’ can help with hiring

How will the hiring and recruitment process look in the new normal? This is a key question for businesses in the precarious employment market. According to a review undertken by EZ Texting, there are some best practices that will enable businesses to connect better with current and potential employees. These tips, which are provided exclusively to Digital Journal, include addressing ‘ghosting‘, which is a colloquial term used to describe the practice of ceasing all communication and contact with another party.

Make sense of ghosting

Text reminders and check-ins can decrease the number of no shows and help you better understand why an interviewee may have ghosted, along with insight into your own recruiting process. It may also be a way to salvage the relationship — for every few candidates that drop off the face of the earth, there may legitimately be one who had a schedule mix up and deserves a second chance to meet with your team.

Think of how the text would look on a screenshot

As organizations are being scrutinized for the way they handle sensitive issues, like layoffs, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of thoughtful communication. Imagining how a text would look on social media can be a good rule of thumb to determine whether or not it is appropriate to share.

Link Pulse Surveys or Employee Initiatives

Texts can be a great way to encourage all-staff participation in surveys and keep staff abreast of employee initiatives. This can be used in addition to email and Slack reminders, and can help make sure that remote workers are kept in the loop about benefits that may be offered. Texts can also be sent to increase participation in pulse surveys, ensuring you’re getting a more accurate view of how employees may be feeling regarding current work conditions.

Recruit New Employees

Your most valuable recruiters are the ones who are already on your payroll. Use your current team to amplify any listings via text, ensuring they’ll see it. And incentivize current team members who refer applicants to your current organization.

Share Corporate Communication Easily

Emails and voice memos can get lost in the shuffle. Texts can make it easy to make sure all employees are on the same page when it comes to corporate initiatives, events, and news. SMS messages also give a space for employees to reach out with questions and be connected to a member of the HR team to discuss their concerns.

Text is a Facilitating Tool

While texting can never replace face-to-face communication, SMS messages create a seamless conversation bridge that makes scheduling meetings easy. Treating text as an introductory communication tool can open up conversations, save hours of admin time, and help you determine employee concerns or recruiting roadblocks.

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