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From nature’s hands to technology’s grasp: Edete’s quest to enhance farming economics

One of the biggest challenges facing modern farmers is pollination. They can continue to rely on Mother Nature and go down on a sinking ship, or they can adapt and control as many variables as possible.

Photo courtesy Edete
Photo courtesy Edete

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Adaptation is the key to survival for farmers; it always has been. Throughout history, farming techniques, equipment and technology have constantly evolved from horses to GPS-steered plows, rain to irrigation and seed corn to GMOs. While initially, farming adaptations were solely driven by a need to survive; now they are also about improved and controlled productivity as well as economic viability. 

A Shift From Relying on Nature to Relying on Technology

One of the biggest challenges facing modern farmers is pollination. They can continue to rely on Mother Nature and go down on a sinking ship, or they can adapt and control as many variables as possible. Eylam Ran, CEO of Edete, a scientific pollination solution, emphasizes the significance of this evolution, stating, “Each shift in farming methods has taken time for farmers to adopt, but eventually they do. Those who do not adapt face the risk of being left behind and ultimately becoming obsolete.”

Ed Surber, CEO of Edete’s US Corp, underlines the importance of technology and innovation in minimizing the unpredictable nature of farming. He states, “In the commercial farming industry, growers that adopt technology and innovation can minimize the unpredictable nature of farming and reduce financial risk.”

He adds, “Just as irrigation evolved to store and apply water efficiently, we have reached a point where we can do the same with pollination. Collecting and reapplying pollen at the right time is a game-changer in modern agriculture.”

Grant Harris, a key contributor to Edete’s vision, compares the agricultural revolution to previous shifts in the industry, saying, “Agriculture has historically been dependent on nature, from seeds to pest control to irrigation. Each of these areas has undergone significant transformation through technology. The next seismic shift is in pollination, as natural pollination faces challenges. This is where technology will play a pivotal role.”

Economical Risk Management for Farmers

Farmers should be thinking of Edete’s platform as risk management. Grant likens it to financial markets. “As we look at transforming the economics of farming through technology. Maybe it is a good idea to look at other markets that are unpredictable. Financial markets are very unpredictable, which is why they invented risk management.

And the whole idea of risk management was born because markets are exposed to fluctuations and volatility.” Not utilizing risk management in the financial markets would be economic suicide, so why would farmers also opt out of risk management for their financial survival? He explains, “That’s where Edete comes in. It specifically tackles the economic risks posed by the likely failure of pollination.” 

Ed agrees, “By not adopting technology-driven pollination solutions, farmers are essentially leaving their fate in the hands of Mother Nature. The unpredictable seasons can lead to substantial losses, and our platform aims to offer a level of stability and predictability.” 

Eylam elaborates on their mission, “We are not dealing with individual elements like bees, wind, or growers. We are addressing agriculture as an industry that lacks a comprehensive tool. Instead of competing or interfering with existing methods, we offer a solution that complements and adds value to the entire agriculture sector.”

Who and What is Edete 

In 2016 when Eylam Ran (CEO), Keren Mimran (VP of Marketing), Ori Inbar (Chairman), and Elad Etgar founded Edete with a vision to revolutionize the agricultural industry. They started in Israel where they deployed their cutting-edge technology. It was successful. Inspired by the results, they headed to California to conduct tests on wind and insect-pollinated crops. The technology demonstrated remarkable double-digit increases in yield compared to controls.

Edete’s innovative approach is not just about machines or services. It’s backed by years of rigorous scientific research in labs and fields. They have developed an alternative method for pollinating crops that outperforms existing solutions. Edete can collect, store, and efficiently reapply pollen. Ed shares, “It is unique; it sets us apart.”

Edete’s innovation encompasses:

  • Pollen Collection: Edete collects pollen from various sources, ensuring a diverse and healthy pollen bank.
  • Pollen Storage: The collected pollen is carefully stored in controlled conditions to maintain its viability and quality.
  • Precision Application: Edete’s technology allows for the accurate and timely application of pollen to crops, enhancing pollination.
  • Scientific Research: Edete’s approach is backed by rigorous scientific research conducted in laboratories and real-world agricultural fields. They have developed an alternative method for pollinating crops, which they believe outperforms traditional methods like wind or relying on insects.

Edete’s approach combines scientific expertise, advanced technology, and a deep understanding of plant biology to improve crop pollination, leading to higher yields and increased agricultural efficiency. 

Edete‘s journey is not merely about pollination or bees; it’s about changing the economics of farming for the next generation. As the agricultural world continues to evolve, the company stands at the forefront of innovation, offering farmers the tools to adapt, minimize risk and thrive in this constantly changing world.

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