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From finance to e-commerce: the visionary journey of Alexandre Bonvin

Now at the helm of Audacia Group, a Swiss investment holding company, Bonvin is on top of the e-commerce world.

Photo courtesy Alexandre Bonvin
Photo courtesy Alexandre Bonvin

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E-commerce could be considered volatile, but Alexandre Bonvin has found his calling there. With a finance and real estate background, Bonvin understands what people want and how to give it to them. Now at the helm of Audacia Group, a Swiss investment holding company, Bonvin is on top of the e-commerce world. His journey is an inspiration to those interested in starting a career in e-commerce.

Bonvin’s e-commerce journey began in 2018. He left the real estate and finance worlds behind to focus on a new e-commerce venture, Audacia Group. As founder of the company, Bonvin made his first acquisition with KissKiss, a Swiss e-shop specializing in the sale of adult toys and accessories. The success of KissKiss grew Audacia Group’s recognition, and it now manages sixteen online platforms. The company is active in over forty-five countries and serves over 2.3 million customers. 

Bonvin’s financial background has helped secure the company in multiple ways. His experience has come in handy when doing business, but it also gave him the innovative idea to tokenize Audacia Group’s shares on the blockchain. Audacia was one of the first companies to use this strategy. The company’s sales have nearly doubled every year since its inception in 2018, reaching almost 70 million CHF in 2022. Being financially savvy and creative helped Bonvin push Audacia to the forefront of e-commerce.

In the future, Bonvin hopes to continue growing Audacia Group. His goal is to reach 100 million CHF in annual sales in 2023. He is always on the lookout for promising Swiss and European e-commerce companies to acquire and integrate into Audacia. Bonvin recognizes the volatility of the e-commerce market and cites keeping up with customer trends as one of Audacia Group’s greatest challenges. Global events and changing technologies and lifestyles greatly affect e-commerce market trends. Bonvin considers all of this when looking for new brands to acquire. He is constantly on the lookout for businesses that will diversify Audacia’s customers. 

Audacia has a strong buy-and-build strategy for acquiring and consolidating e-commerce companies, and Bonvin plans to continue using this successful method for new acquisitions. Over the next few years, Audacia Group will continue to support and grow its existing brands as well as search for new ones to integrate. Bonvin has been featured in Swiss media several times, including as one of Bilan’s French-speaking entrepreneurs Under 40 and in PME Magazine, Le Temps, La Télé, and Watson. His international profile is rising with each new success for Audacia, and expansion is on the horizon.

Through Audacia Group, Bonvin has created a unique e-commerce customer experience. His attention to detail and the rising and falling trends in the e-commerce market have made Audacia a successful venture. His acquisitions in niche markets have led to loyal customer bases and wildly successful e-commerce businesses. In Switzerland, Audacia Group is becoming synonymous with e-commerce. The future is fruitful for Audacia Group—Bonvin will make sure of it.

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