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From council estate to multi-millionaire: Liam J. Ryan’s inspiring journey to entrepreneurial success

Ryan is “just” a multi-millionaire, but with the rate at which he’s going, it won’t be surprising if he reaches billionaire status anytime soon.

Photo courtesy Liam J. Ryan
Photo courtesy Liam J. Ryan

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Even the most resilient people might falter along life’s winding and challenging path. Still, there are remarkable individuals who not only triumph against hardship but go on to accomplish great things. These are the tales of the self-made billionaires and multi-millionaires who braved the odds and emerged victorious, demonstrating that anything is possible if one believes in oneself and works tirelessly toward one’s goals.

Statistics reveal that, as of 2021, most billionaires are self-made, a clear indicator of how far one’s tenacity to overcome the odds can bear fruit. Not only do these people have extraordinary wealth, but the resilience of character and unshakeable faith that they have shown throughout their lives also set them apart. 

Entrepreneur and mentor Liam J. Ryan is one of these self-made men. Ryan is “just” a multi-millionaire, but with the rate at which he’s going, it won’t be surprising if he reaches billionaire status anytime soon. Through recounting his experiences, he highlights the importance of perseverance, flexibility, and the ability to grow from failure. He explains how these events shaped his character and helped him advance in his career.

How did your childhood or earlier years affect how life turned out for you eventually?

I left the UK to start a new job in Spain when I was 20. I remember looking into my mum’s eyes at the airport and saying, ‘I don’t quite know what’s on the other side. But you and I – we’re going to become millionaires.’ My palms were sweaty, I was nervous, and every part of my body told me to get off the plane, but I was committed.

I was raised in a rough council estate by my mother, who was struggling after the breakup of her marriage. I had to overcome substance addiction and business failure before co-founding Assets for Life, my immensely successful property investment, business, and wealth training company. 

How and when did you start your journey towards business?

Even as a young boy, I would never shy away from a business opportunity. I’d sell sweets to other kids at school and wash cars for our neighbors. At one stage, I also did the paper round and worked at the local greengrocer.

Seeing my potential, my mother introduced me to a man named Tim, who is a local market trader. Tim taught me everything he knew about the art of negotiation. I learned the lingo, how to sell, and how to build desire. I used these skills to sell perfumes, jeans, and T-shirts to other students at school.

One day, a “Massive Commission” sign appeared in one of the neighborhood shop windows. They were looking for door canvassers. But then I read the small print—it was only for people aged 16 and over. I was 15 then, but I dumped my school bag and walked right in. Before I knew it, I was knocking on doors to sell double glazing. It’s here that I refined my sales technique.

After graduation, I used my skills to get hired as a salesman at an insurance company. On my first day, a guy walked up to me and said something I’ll never forget — ‘Welcome to National Direct; you’ll never be number one.’ He was the company’s best salesperson, and everybody knew his name. I used everything I knew to become better than him.

Tell us about the biggest obstacles you had to overcome to get yourself on the right path.

Despite my obsession with building a career, I succumbed to the destructive world of drugs. My relationship at the time had finished, and my best friend moved in with me. My house became a party house. Luckily, I still couldn’t help wanting more out of life. I knew there had to be something bigger and better out there for me.

My battle with addiction was only beginning as I pursued more lucrative job opportunities overseas. One was a position at a large international marketing company. I sat for the interview in London wearing a suit two sizes too big for me and miraculously landed the job.

The experience proved challenging. I had to adapt not only to the new culture and climate but also to my new role of generating leads. For the first three weeks, it was a real struggle. I couldn’t get the script, and it took me nearly a month to make my first deal, but I stuck it out and eventually started to excel.

I found myself burning the candle at both ends. My crowd was involved in drug use, and to cope with how hard I was working, I once again resorted to taking cocaine and drinking. After a couple of years, the situation began to get really out of hand. 

Can you remember the moment you hit rock bottom before you began your journey back to the top?

After the company I was working for folded, I decided to do it alone and soon found myself at the helm of a 50-employee venture. I decided to invest some of the company’s revenue in property overseas, but I made every mistake in the book. I watched some YouTube videos, saw a couple of TV shows, and decided to do it. Unsurprisingly, I eventually lost two million Euros.

While I managed to keep my business afloat, my drug addiction hit a new low on a company trip to Ibiza when I almost died. I realized I needed help and flew back to the UK to go to rehab. I was clean for 62 days but then started using it again. I just couldn’t get it together. So in 2008, I went to South Africa and committed to rehab for six months. That was the start of learning how to live my life afresh. I haven’t touched drugs for nearly 12 years now, and I am so grateful I took that leap.

How did you jumpstart your life again?

After returning to the UK in 2014, I founded Sprint Energy Solutions, a company that sold renewable energy products. While the business was very successful, it lost momentum after the government cut incentives for homeowners to use renewable energy. Our team of 115 dwindled to eight, and what was once a great office became a ghost town. 

One day, we received a phone call from Jay Munoz. He asked for an energy assessment and panel installation before the new tariffs were enacted. I had no idea that this call was about to change my life. Jay Munoz was a professional property investor and a chartered civil engineer working on some huge property projects in London. We hit it off immediately, and we arranged to meet again to view some property deals.

One day, on the spur of the moment, I suggested that we go into business together, and the rest is history. Jay and I founded Assets for Life.

Who did you build Assets For Life for?

Our ideal customers are individuals who have become disenchanted with the status quo and are seeking financial independence through non-traditional means. They come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and are typically between 35 and 55 years old, with equal representation of both genders. These customers are experiencing both actual and perceived economic hardships, often lacking adequate retirement funds. Their ultimate aspiration is to achieve entrepreneurial success by earning more while working less, embracing the mindset of freeing themselves from traditional employment. My global objective is to assist as many people as possible in generating, managing, and multiplying their wealth, enabling them to live the life they desire and deserve. I aspire to create a lasting legacy and be remembered for positively impacting billions of lives.

Given the tremendous success that you already have with Assets For Life, what can you say is still your goal for the long haul?

Training and mentoring ordinary people to get extraordinary results. I aim to help as many people as possible build property portfolios and successful businesses. Inspiring and motivating people is a huge part of what I do, along with equipping them with the knowledge to succeed. Long term plan is to grow on an international level.

Ryan’s extraordinary belief in himself is key to how he turned out to be. While his upbringing wasn’t easy, he always knew that he would be financially successful. Despite many obstacles, he has always persevered to reach his goals. He believes that with commitment, drive, and resilience, anybody can achieve the kind of financial freedom that he has today.

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