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Frank Frausto’s digital marketing evolution from Google’s frontlines

Frank Frausto emphasizes the need to know the target audience’s customer journey for each client so that communications are powerful and precisely customized

Photo courtesy of Frank Frausto
Photo courtesy of Frank Frausto

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Frank Frausto’s career in the field of digital marketing is told against the backdrop of the dot-com era. After graduating when job prospects were limited, Frank’s career path unexpectedly led him to a firm called Google. This choice would usher in 15 years of hard work; during that time he would actively see and contribute to the development of digital marketing.

When Frank first started working at Google in 2003, the firm had less than 300 employees. His first assignment there was a 12-week temporary initiative focused on ad approvals. After squeezing through three rounds of intense interviews and beating out the competition, he was able to secure an entry-level spot on the Google AdWords Optimization Specialists team. To provide customers with better results, Frank used this function as the testing ground to refine his talents in bid optimization, keyword optimization, and ad text optimization.

His pivotal moment occurred in 2008 when Google realized it needed a dedicated sales force. Frank, one of their renowned Optimization Specialists, took the lead. Convincing CEOs of Fortune 1000 businesses to shift their advertising spending from conventional media to digital platforms was no easy task. Frank’s determination and quick thinking showed through, solidifying his standing as a leader in the field.

With Google’s rapid expansion, Frank moved easily into a position leading sales enablement and training. He was instrumental in developing Google’s exclusive sales training curriculum, the Trusted Digital Media Advisor program, in conjunction with Accelerate Performance. Frank’s subsequent appointment as chief sales trainer demonstrated his dedication to developing the next wave of Google salespeople.

Understanding that there was unrealized potential in channel sales, Frank was instrumental in growing the Google Partners Program. As part of this project, Autotrader, Reach Local, and Thompson Reuters received first-rate training that redefined the way small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) accessed and utilized Google’s advertising expertise.

After his distinguished career at Google, Frank began a new chapter in 2017. Equipped with two decades of expertise in digital marketing, he established his own digital marketing business and took on the responsibilities of a fractional CMO and marketing consultant. Through this change, he was able to contribute to the success of businesses on a variety of social media and paid advertising platforms, expanding his experience beyond Google products.

Frank takes a different approach to marketing than most others. He emphasizes the need to know the target audience’s customer journey for each client so that communications are powerful and precisely customized. His guiding principle is to eliminate chance from marketing by using a methodical, data-driven approach to create success.

Even in the face of success, “Always Be Testing” acts as a persistent reminder for Frank of the value of ongoing exploration. The phrase “Data is King” emphasizes how important it is to base judgments on facts rather than gut feeling or speculation. Frank’s advice also includes the significance of defining precise objectives before launching marketing initiatives to provide the groundwork for quantifiable success.

Looking toward the future, Frank envisions himself as a catalyst for innovative and exciting companies, aiding them in building and accelerating their marketing strategies. With a wealth of knowledge accumulated over two decades, Frank aspires to contribute to the next wave of groundbreaking success stories. He hopes to leave an indelible mark on the future of marketing.

Frank’s story, which spans from the early days of Google to his present position as a marketing icon, is a source of inspiration for aspiring marketers navigating the always-evolving digital space. Whether as a Chief Marketing Officer or Digital Marketing Expert, Frank Frausto is positioned to make a lasting impression on the future of marketing as he continues to innovate the field. Frank can be found on his Instagram, @frankfraustojr, or his website:

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