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ForgeRock partners Accenture for AI-powered identity governance

As apps, data and devices continue to expand across the enterprise, governance has fundamentally changed in how it needs to be built and delivered for enterprises. Inside enterprises, knowing who has access to information and why has escalated to become a costly and time-consuming process.

In addition, as reported by Peter Barker, VP of Product at ForgeRock, non-person entities (NPEs) like devices, services, and things also need to be accounted for. This has led to stretching existing products beyond their limits with costly customizations and integrating multiple governance products, another management burden on enterprise IT teams.

To solve this complicated issue for enterprises, ForgeRock, partnering with Accenture, has announced new AI-powered governance capabilities to help simplify and speed deployment and management. These solutions solve two critical issues for governance. These :

Eliminate the need for multiple services for identity and governance management (ForgeRock Identity Platform).

Automate governance application processes across the enterprise using artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase visibility of high-risk entitlement assignments by 30 percent (ForgeRock Autonomous Identity with Accenture).

By ForgeRock extending their capabilities into governance, currently a $3 billion market, according to Gartner, the company is enabling its customers to use one solution for all their identity needs throughout the enterprise, including devices. Furthermore, audit teams must ensure employees have access only to the systems they need. Traditionally, organizations would spend thousands of hours on this task and often resulting in overprovisioning rather than improving security.

ForgeRock Identity Platform and ForgeRock Autonomous Identity are designed to allow enterprises with a single platform to ensure users, devices and data are secure, while easily and automatically granting access to information, apps and services.

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