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Five tips for a smooth work re-entry after vacation

Summer vacations are now under way (for those working in the northern hemisphere), as busy workers take a week or two off from the toils of working, either for the big corporation, small firm or as a freelancer.

One downside of the chance of some rest and relaxation is that at the end of every vacation this requires a return to the workplace. There are ways to make sure the re-entry at work is a smooth, professional and pain-free process.

Rachel Ernst, Vice President of Employee Success at Reflektive, a provider of real-time performance management solutions, offer Digital Journal readers five tips for managing the return-to-work process.

One of St Ives s tantalizing beaches.

One of St Ives’s tantalizing beaches.

The five tips for a smooth work re-entry after vacation are:

First, block off time on your calendar to catch up on emails, voicemails, Slack channels, and so on. At the same time, be sure to communicate to your team the times you’ll be unavailable.

Secondly, plan for a 1:1 meeting with your manager when you return. Doing so allows you and your manager to reassess and ensure alignment of top priorities and goals.

Third, identify team priorities for the coming week. With this it is important to clarify your immediate needs to your manager and share with colleagues to ramp up your productivity level to full speed again — and help them do the same.

Fourth, review company news platforms for updates on company goals and achievements. This is important since getting up to speed on any major company updates or happenings that occurred while you were out will help inform your re-entry process and prioritize appropriately.

The fifth and final tip is to share your vacation photos and stories when professional and appropriate per your company culture. Ernst notes that your colleagues may inquire, so share workplace-friendly pics and memories with those you trust.

By adopting these measures, Ernst maintains, the process for getting back up to speed while still keeping the relaxed feeling from the vacation can be met.

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