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Felix Demin and his unique international business ventures

Felix Demin is a serial entrepreneur with an uncanny ability to identify new opportunities and bring them to fruition

Felix Demin
Photo courtesy Felix Demin
Photo courtesy Felix Demin

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Felix Demin is a serial entrepreneur with an uncanny ability to identify new opportunities and bring them to fruition. His international business ventures are built on innovation, social consciousness, and entrepreneurial acumen. Felix has witnessed firsthand what an outdated system means, and now more than ever, he’s determined to change the gameplay. As a result, he embarked on a mission to create a lasting impact on the planet and people through his ventures. “My mission is to help build a planet where people can actualize their dreams, as this will help the society function more efficiently with a focus on harmony, self-education, and happiness,” he says.

Demin‘s lifelong ambition is to explore the planet Earth, and he has done that successfully, having visited 67 countries. He has lived in more than four countries on different continents and invested in several startups across the globe. Demin has businesses in Russia, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Bali, which he currently calls home. Demin has spent the last 7 years in Bali, where he founded and ran internationally acclaimed businesses.

The Bubble Hotel Bali brand is the first on Demin’s long list of enterprises. This famous hotel brand is a growing chain enterprise, currently in three locations; Nyang Nyang Beach, Nungalan Beach, and Jungle Ubud. From rugged terrain with beautiful ocean views to sandy beaches in pristine nature, each of the three hotels offers a unique experience to visitors. Visitors can book a transparent bubble for a night and experience the magnificent view of the sky with the sounds of nature in the background. 

Bubble Hotel, Bali ranks in the Top 10 world’s most unique hotels according to As proof of distinction, countless websites use images from the hotel to promote Bali as a must-travel destination. In addition, many visitors from around the world recommend the hotel as the ideal location for someone looking for a quiet and relaxing time out of the world. Over the years, Bubble Hotel, Bali has consistently been patronized by national TV and Hollywood films. The hotel consistently prides itself in delivering one of the best hospitality services and has been home to some notable guests, including the production crew of the latest Transformers movie. 

Ingenuity and creativity, they say never goes out of style; This is the Private Jet Villa project in a sentence, as Demin embarked on transforming an old Boeing 737 airplane fuselage into a luxury villa on top of a cliff, 150 meters above sea level. Despite being an ongoing project, Private Jet Villa has garnered much public and media interest. Demin has granted interviews to several media houses, including CNN, The Washington Post, Breitbart, Capital, AFP, and Today in Indonesia. The project has won the hearts of many, including publications and high-end guests, and is therefore regarded as the new tourism icon for Bali. 

On his quest for a more adventurous and fulfilling business journey, Demin has also embarked on other projects that include, a logistics company that facilitates cargo delivery from China to Russia, a logistics company IT aggregator. The cargo delivery company was ranked in the Top 5 by out of more than 3700 similar brands, and the IT aggregator has over 4M monthly users. In addition, being a gunner for interesting ventures, Demin also owns Bali investments, a villa construction company that built 20 luxury villas in Ubud, 23 in Uluwatu, and 10 in Canggu Bali, up to date.

When he is not actively growing his empire, Demin spends his time on personal development. He is an avid learner who likes reading, hiking, and surfing. Demin is also keen on environmental conservation, so he created the @makebaliclean project. His mission is to raise awareness about pollution and stirrup measures that prohibit plastic use in everyday life.

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