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Entrepreneur Aharon Bernal rethinks the model for e-commerce consumers and sellers with Safex.Market

As finance shifts toward decentralized currency, the way consumers transact with retailers will too likely change.

Aharon Bernal
Photo courtesy Aharon Bernal
Photo courtesy Aharon Bernal

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With the landscape of the retail market continuing to evolve with the latest and greatest technological advancements, these days, there is much to be explored when it comes to the potential of the industry. As finance shifts toward decentralized currency, the way consumers transact with retailers will too likely change. But one topic that is not often discussed is the sellers that we buy from online. One up-and-coming e-commerce entrepreneur has recently been recognized as a disruptor in the industry, not because of his tactics for reaching consumers, but instead, for his approach to providing a platform and resources to online retail sellers. Meet Aharon Bernal. 

After finding his way into the industry by discovering a fascination for working independently and autonomously by way of selling items online via Amazon, Bernal began to analyze the online seller infrastructure on Amazon. Identifying a number of disadvantages that come with selling via Amazon, the budding entrepreneur began to re-think the model for online retail sellers. Today his latest projects include Safex.Market that is designed to allow sellers to utilize the SafeX blockchain and SafeX cash ($SFX) across the platform—no matter what country you’re in. 

With Safex.Market, Bernal’s platform empowers smaller online sellers by enabling them to expand and compete independently, outside of Amazon. While most sellers are dependent on the Amazon terms, Safex.Market gives sellers flexibility and the potential of bringing home more profit. Vulnerable to liabilities like “account health” issues on Amazon, a seller’s entire livelihood can be jeopardized without warrant. But with Safex.Market, Bernal empowers sellers to take advantage of an autonomous infrastructure where they can design, create and build their own businesses. 

Bernal’s next goal is to bring the largest product selection to the world via Safex.Market, giving 100+ countries access to product inventory available for purchase with cryptocurrency and deliverable within 1-3 days. By the end of 2022 alone, Safex.Market will have north of $100 million worth of physical product listed and available in fulfillment centers worldwide. 

So while many are familiar with the classic rags to riches story surrounding e-commerce entrepreneurs that have built empires like Amazon, Bernal proposes a new e-commerce model that of course benefits the buyer, but in this concept, the seller too. As younger generations continue to gravitate toward working independently, for themselves and not for a company or corporation, Bernal’s model for Safex.Market enables small online sellers to expand and compete without depending on platforms like Amazon in order to be successful. 

“Amazon is often overly generous, or in turn wasteful, just to please the customer at the expense of the seller,” Bernal says. “Giving buyers the opportunity to support and engage with a small business is instead creating a healthier transaction that facilitates trust and relationship between buyers and sellers as well as independence for sellers.” 

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Saqib Malik
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Saqib Malik is Director & Head Of Business Development of Prestige Perfections, a world-class service provider in the fields of well-known artist management, digital marketing, PR, music production, reputation and crisis management.

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