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Dmitrii Khasanov: Cross-channel digital marketing campaigns for business in 2024

Dmitrii Khasanov, a digital marketing guru and the founder of Melandia Agency, shares valuable insights on streamlining your brand’s marketing campaign for various online platforms

Photo courtesy of Dmitrii Khasanov
Photo courtesy of Dmitrii Khasanov

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Engaging potential customers across diverse social media platforms is no longer just a line item in a company’s annual budget; it has evolved into a strategic imperative for success in 2024. Statista’s projection of a staggering $298.4 billion in digital advertising spending this year underscores the pivotal role of this strategy. Within this landscape, search advertising takes the lead with a market size of US$132.0 billion in 2024. Globally, the United States is poised to be the driving force behind the majority of ad spending, anticipated to reach US$298 billion in 2024. 

Dmitrii Khasanov, a digital marketing guru and the founder of Melandia Agency, shares valuable insights on streamlining your brand’s marketing campaign for various online platforms. Learn how businesses can boost sales, foster trust, and build credibility by effectively leveraging cross-platform campaigns.

The key to a cohesive digital strategy

The crucial thing is knowing WHAT you’re doing and WHO it’s for. Once you’ve got those answers, you can easily find the best marketing channels for your audience and business goals. Consider things like who your audience is, the features of different platforms, and how far your message can reach. This approach helps in crafting a unified brand voice that feels genuine across various social media channels. This consistency sets the stage for setting up analytics tools and tracking tech properly. This way, you can keep an eye on how users behave across all channels, learning about their preferences, pain points, and paths to conversion.

The most common mistake when it comes to building a cross-channel campaign 

The most common mistake when building a cross-channel campaign often happens when marketers rush for quick results and forget a crucial principle — each platform should have a specific subgoal. While you may have an overall goal for your campaign, it’s vital to set individual subgoals for each platform you use. For example:

  • Instagram: Aim for engagement and discovery.
  • Pinterest: Drive conversions to the website.
  • LinkedIn: Focus on B2B marketing campaigns.
  • Facebook: Emphasize engagement and lead generation.
  • Medium: Share expertise and experiences.

Without setting subgoals for each platform, your digital marketing campaign might end up feeling like mere content reposting, which isn’t cool in 2024. While there are exceptions where reposting works, it’s essential to first understand your audience and their needs.

Benefits of cross-platform campaigns

Cross-platform campaigns offer numerous benefits. Understanding that each platform has a unique purpose — Instagram and Twitter for awareness, and Facebook for conversion through ads — enables setting tailored goals for an optimized overall strategy. The diverse nature of platforms, from visual to text-based, emphasizes the importance of adapting content seamlessly for relatability and effectiveness in a cross-platform approach. Avoiding the “copy and paste” trap by customizing content for each platform ensures optimized engagement and broader reach. Consistency in branding across platforms cultivates loyalty and trust, reinforcing identity and amplifying the impact of marketing efforts.

Expert tips for harmonizing your marketing campaigns across different platforms

Harmonizing your marketing campaigns across various platforms involves several expert tips. Firstly, refrain from the “copy and paste” approach, recognizing the unique characteristics of each platform and optimizing content accordingly, though considering duplicating content for platforms with overlapping audience segments. Secondly, integrate paid and organic strategies judiciously, using a strategic push with paid promotion to enhance visibility while experimenting to find the right balance. Thirdly, increase discoverability by incorporating relevant search terms into your username or profile name. Additionally, strive to secure a verified badge where possible, as the blue checkmark builds trust and distinguishes your brand as authentic, thereby enhancing credibility. Strategically planning and scheduling content in advance is crucial to maintaining a cohesive narrative and avoiding disjointed announcements. Lastly, diversify your content types by experimenting with different post styles to expand your cross-platform marketing arsenal, offering a broader range of options to organically grow your brand.

Dmitrii Khasanov states, “To succeed in cross-platform marketing, focus on setting clear goals, optimizing content for each platform, and finding the right balance between paid and organic strategies. Embrace each platform’s unique features while keeping a consistent brand identity to maximize the impact of your campaigns.”

Cross-channel digital marketing campaigns are a great investment to boost sales, build trust and credibility among your target audience. Start by achieving success on one platform and then replicate those strategies on others, creating a dynamic and engaging online brand presence that expands your audience and boosts conversions.

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