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Discovery engine Flipora announces $1.5 million in funding

On the heels of releasing its iPhone mobile app in May, Flipora just announced $1.5 million in additional funding to further its growth and address the ongoing trend for mobile content discovery that personalizes content based on a user’s online behavior removes information overload.

Previously, Flipora only offered a free web platform and mobile-friendly version for content discovery, but the new funding will allow it to further refine that app and add an app for Android devices.

In a previous announcement by Flipora, key features of its iPhone app were noted as offering adaptive ranking to respond to a user’s changing interests, active sharing in which Flipora’s predictive artificial intelligence (AI) can recommend content to share with specific friends based on mutual interests, self-learning AI technology that started with 3,000 different categories but has now taught itself more than 12,000 topics, and partnerships with 27 new content verticals to further its ability to offer relevant content that addresses users’ diverse interests.

Since founders Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan started the company while attending graduate school at Stanford University, they have raised and impressive $3.9 million in venture capital from several top Silicon Valley investors with prior successes like Twitter, Tesla, SpaceX, and Skype.

New backers for this round of $1.5 million include Gokul Rajaram, creator of Google AdSense, Barney Pell, the Founder and CEO of Powerset, an AI-based natural language search engine that was acquired by Microsoft, Munjal Shah, the Founder and CEO of, an AI-based shopping search engine acquired by Google, Anil Dharni, Co-Founder of Funzio, which was acquired by mobile gaming giant GREE, and Mayank Bawa, Founder and CEO of Big Data pioneer, Aster Data.

Those involved in helping the company expand appear to be excited about what the future holds for Flipora as a game-changing, disruptive technology solution:

Gokul Rajaram: “I have had a keen interest in Flipora’s technology and have been impressed by the team’s big ideas from the beginning.”
Mayank Bawa: “I am excited to be advising Flipora on their quest to make the world smarter by connecting people with knowledge.”
Saeed Amidi: “Flipora is making manual content discovery a thing of the past. You don’t have to do a lot of manual fiddling anymore to discover cool content you’ll enjoy. With Flipora, the best content finds you. This is going to be the future of search. I am thrilled to be a part of this technology breakthrough.”
Vijay Krishnan: “What we’ve built at Flipora is probably the most accurate representation of a user’s interest graph. We’re excited at what lies ahead.”
Jonathan Siddhart: “We think the future of search is going to be no search at all. It’s discovery. By recommending content and people to follow around interests, we are connecting people with knowledge on topics they care about. This is Inception. Knowledge sparks ideas in people. People with big ideas change the world. We’re happy to play a small role in making that happen at scale.”
As the founders continue on their mission to help empower others through personalized content delivery, investors are clamoring to provide ongoing support to help them with this big idea. With metrics that include over 25 million users in 2014 across 200 countries, over 12,000 categories of content available in ten different languages, and records like new user registrations of over 100,000 in just one day, Flipora’s future looks extraordinarily bright.

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