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Digital Fitness Initiative to transform the workforce

PwC is of the opinion that many workforces, across all industries, are currently too ‘digitally unfit’ to benefit from several of the technological advances being implemented in the digital age. According to PwC’s Digital IQ Survey, 63 percent of business leaders have said the lack of skilled teams is a major obstacle to digital innovation.

The survey not only found skills lacking in the workforce; many executives were found not to possess the skills needed to guide an organization’s digital strategy. Here around 80 percent of CEOs strongly agreed they need to strengthen soft and digital skills.

This the basis of the new app, which has been made available to any business. The app begins with a 10-minute assessment, which curates digital training courses for each user. Training topics o offer include cybersecurity, blockchain, user experience, customer experience and artificial intelligence for industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and retail.

The app took two years to develop and it is set to receive a series of updates. A key functionality is the ability to personalize training using gamification and addictive learning in order to make it engaging. With the development, PwC tested the app out on its own workforce first. So far the app has been used by more than 25,000 PwC employees.

Those who used the app were drawn from across PwC practices, including financial services and human resources. The app is now available to any business. The app is designed to help enterprises to unlock value from their digital investments in order to help foster digital transformation initiatives.

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