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Digital adoption as a profession: A trend for 2023

While companies seek to save money through layoffs, they will also increase budgets for CIOs.

Image: — © AFP Jessica YANG
Image: — © AFP Jessica YANG

Many analysts are offering business trends for 2023. What makes some latest predictions more interesting is that they account for global changes and alterations to workforce demographics. These factors come together in terms of ‘digital adoption as a profession’. As businesses become more focused on remaining commercially agile and competitive, they can seek to do so by ensuring that they always have the right talent, with the right skillsets, at the right time.

In terms of these 2023 predictions, Digital Journal hasheard from Uzi Dvir, Global CIO at WalkMe, a digital adoption platform company. Dvir focuses on discovering, analyzing, and implementing business technology.

Prediction 1: Economic Instability will usher in new priorities

According to Dvir: “Businesses will have to scale to face uncertain economic times. They will focus on productivity to achieve profitability. While companies seek to save money through layoffs, they will also increase budgets for CIOs, to help find new paths of automation and data driven processes and insights.”

He further predicts: “While this is happening companies will consolidate tools to shed money spent on tools that haven’t been fully utilized. This will help emphasize the crucial ROI of all tools during a downturn and beyond.”

Prediction 2: Implementing AI & Data for better digital adoption products & solutions

With advanced computing, Dvir finds: “Artificial intelligence and machine learning will grow as crucial tools of a successful digital adoption platform. They will help focus and improve the customer experience by greater organization of the learning journey. This will be done by enabling more data-driven processes, which will highlight and predict what customers will use on the platform, and what needs to be improved.”

Prediction 3: Digital Adoption as a profession

In terms of workforce patterns and demographic shifts, Dvir observes: “As more companies embrace digital transformation and digital adoption platforms, an emerging career will continue to grow: the digital adoption professional.”

Furthermore, Dvir believes: “This role will embrace a clearly-defined objective: ensuring businesses and employees are fully embracing the digital tools they have before them, and can use them to the best of their advantages.”

Prediction 4: Transforming role of the workplace & work tools

Work is shifting in other ways, as Dvir finds: “More companies are implementing remote and hybrid work, which means the tools used to onboard employees will need to change to fit the demands. That means technology will grow in importance to train workers to do their jobs more efficiently and productively.”

Technological change is also a driver, according to Dvir: “Digital adoption platforms will help make that happen by giving employees hands-on, customized training, meaning they can learn new skills at their own pace, rather than a one-size-fits all approach.”

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