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Crypto news today: what are the unique features of Cosmos and Immunicorn?

Cosmos (ATOM) and Immunicorn (IMU) are top crypto projects with many impressive features and a potential for long-term success.

Image courtesy Immunicorn
Image courtesy Immunicorn

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When you look at the trillion-dollar market space that crypto tokens have created, it’s quite clear that these coins have come a long way. The launch of Bitcoin in 2010 marked the introduction of the concept of cryptocurrency to the entire world. 

While the world was initially skeptical about getting involved with crypto tokens, the support for these digital assets is at an all-time high. Many people now run to these digital assets as a fast means of payment, store of value, or unique form of investment. 

Today, there are well over 10,000 crypto tokens on the market. Each of them has unique features that differentiate them from one another. 

If you’re like most traders on the coin market, it means that you’re constantly looking for a way to maximize your investment and grow your portfolio. There’s no better way to do this than to invest in high-potential crypto tokens. But which of the alternatives on the crypto market do you add to your portfolio? Keep reading to find out. 

Cosmos (ATOM) and Immunicorn (IMU) are top crypto projects with many impressive features and a potential for long-term success. As a result, they are reliable crypto tokens for short-term and long-term traders to add to their portfolios. This piece will reveal all the unique features that make them stand out. 

Cosmos (ATOM)

Many crypto experts have touted Cosmos as the future of the cryptocurrency space. Why? Because it takes care of a problem that’s as old as the entire industry – interoperability. 

Before now, crypto blockchains found it extremely difficult to interact and communicate with one another. In fact, it was almost impossible to conduct transactions from one blockchain to another. With the introduction of Cosmos, this problem has been tackled efficiently. 

According to the team of blockchain developers that created this token, Cosmos is the Internet of Blockchains. This is a clear indication of what they expect from the crypto project. Cosmos is designed to connect crypto networks using open-source tools that support the streamlining of transactions. 

Rather than focus on creating its own network, Cosmos is interested in creating an ecosystem that supports the smooth transfer of data and tokens. By focusing on interoperability and customisability Cosmos stands out from other projects. 

Cosmos runs on a proof-of-stake mechanism which is powered by the ATOM cryptocurrency. By staking ATOM, users get to support the long-term growth of the token and receive rewards too. 

Immunicorn (IMU)

Immunicorn is a world-renowned crypto project that’s set to change the way the entire world handles finances. You see, Immunicorn Finance is a decentralized reserve cryptocurrency. 

This means the activities and operations of the token are backed by a particular reserve of resources. Because of the nature of its architecture and design, you can rest assured that the price of the coin will not fall below a specific floor value. 

So, this crypto project offers users a digital asset whose value cannot go below a preset value. If you’re the type of trader who’s scared of losing all their capital, this digital asset offers a form of safety net too. 

Unlike most crypto projects that rely on Ethereum’s blockchain to offer users various features, Immunicorn was designed to run on the Binance Smart Chain. The BSC is one of the most popular blockchains around the world, and it offers some advantages over Ethereum’s system. By relying on the Binance Smart Chain, users can process transactions on Immunicorn faster and at a cheaper rate too. 

If that’s not enough, you’ll also be thrilled to find out that Immunicorn offers an ecosystem of important elements. They include IMU tokens, staking, minting, lending, and borrowing. IMU is the native token of this platform. It’s used to process transactions and participate in DAO governance. 

Furthermore, Immunicorn allows users to borrow crypto tokens from the platform at a particular interest rate. However, users can contribute to the platform and get rewards in return via staking, minting, and lending. 

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