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Chinese scooter startup nabs $15 million in latest funding round

The round was led by Hyundai Motor Company. Yunqi Partners, Translink Capital, and GGV Capital also participated.

Immotor was founded by the ex-CEO and co-founder of Mophie, Daniel Huang.

According to ZDNet, Hyundai said that its investment in Immotor is part of a plan to develop last mile services in China.

The battery-powered Immotor Go.
The battery-powered Immotor Go.

Immotor manufactures the Immotor Go, a portable, battery-powered scooter that has a SIM card, 3G and Bluetooth modules to connect the scooter to the user’s phone to the Immotor Cloud.

With the Immotor Cloud, administrators can remotely control the maximum speed of each scooter, manage borrow requests, run a system performance check and restrict usage to a certain area using a “virtual fence.”

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Immotor’s Go scooters are run on the company’s “Super Battery” that contains a chip that sends data from different internal sensors relating to battery charge, health, and temperature to the Immotor Cloud.

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