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CEO and lawyer Rex Afrasiabi shares what it takes to achieve greatness

Though there can never be a clearly prescribed formula for success, there are proven strategies and attributes that can help fuel your path to the top.

Rex Afrasiabi
Photo courtesy Rex Afrasiabi
Photo courtesy Rex Afrasiabi

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Though there can never be a clearly prescribed formula for success, there are proven strategies and attributes that can help fuel your path to the top. Some of these strategies are vividly visible in some of the successful people in society. You can learn from anyone regardless of their career and tailor their lessons to fit your desired profession. 

Established lawyer and CEO Rex Afrasiabi is one successful individual living his dream. Rex is an established entrepreneur with an inspiring story to success. Before establishing his firm, the practicing lawyer was a general manager for an international fashion company. However, after numerous years of serving in the industry, Rex decided to transition to something aligned to his purpose. The role might have been challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable, but unfortunately, it didn’t complement his purpose, cause, and the beliefs that drive him. 

A fulfilling career would allow Rex to help other people learn and grow. Pursuant to his purpose, he established his practice a decade ago. Rex finds practicing law more fulfilling because he is entrusted by his clients each day to help them in business and life. Practicing law also allows him to build his public image how he wants. 

According to Rex, personal branding is more important than ever in the modern day of social media. Not only does it help him differentiate himself from his competition, but it also helps him highlight himself to the world, including his unique skills, life, and experiences. 

Life can, at times, be a series of challenges that will certainly leave you burned out. Rex wants you to understand that burning out is common, and anyone can feel it, especially in business. However, it’s also important to look after yourself and take time to rest and reflect on your journey. Remember, you need to be at your best to function and deliver your best. Borrowing from elite sports personalities and teams, Rex’s advice is to learn from how they rest their top players, including ensuring they have good diets so they can perform at their best. He advises you to try and operate on the same level. 

But if you feel that you truly need something new, Rex emphasizes the need to focus on your passions. Focusing on your talents allows you to explore your potential without compromising your morals and reputation. As a result, you will stand a better chance of finding your way to success in a more convenient and fulfilling way. Also, being the best in your field of choice will lead to subsequent success allowing you to expand in other fields outside your scope. 

Don’t just want to grow in any area, be first obsessed so that you grow. And if you have the mindset that you really want to achieve something, you will find a way to do it. Similarly, if you just want to do something but lack passion, you will find an excuse not to do it. Also, be very clear on what you have to do; the clearer the vision, the quicker you will get there.

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