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Cash rates in the driver’s seat: Cars4Us is steering the future of auto sales

The new car market is particularly sensitive to cash rate changes

Photo courtesy of Cars4US
Photo courtesy of Cars4US

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As the new financial year is underway, interest rates have remained stable, but there is uncertainty regarding future trends. The persistent inflation and ongoing cost of living challenges are prompting the government to maintain current interest rates. However, the upcoming increase in the minimum wage could potentially provide new opportunities for individuals who previously couldn’t afford car financing.

Higher interest rates directly translate to increased borrowing costs for consumers. According to recent data, as of May 2024, Australia’s cash rate target is 4.35 percent, which is a 12-year high. This uptick in financing costs is causing many consumers to reconsider their purchasing decisions.

The new car market is particularly sensitive to cash rate changes. Higher cash rates have led to increased monthly payments, making new vehicles less affordable for many buyers. Consumers are increasingly opting for longer loan terms to mitigate the impact of higher cash rates on monthly payments. However, this strategy can lead to higher overall costs due to the extended repayment period. Additionally, some buyers are shifting towards leasing as an alternative, though lease rates are also rising, albeit at a slower pace.

While the new car market struggles, the used car market is showing mixed reactions. On one hand, the higher interest rates for used car loans are deterring some buyers, particularly those with lower credit scores who face even steeper rates. On the other hand, the higher cost of new vehicles is pushing more consumers towards used cars as a more affordable option.

In 2023, there was exceptional demand for used cars in Australia, with 34.4 percent growth in sales last year. This uptick is primarily driven by budget-conscious buyers looking to avoid the higher costs associated with new car purchases. The residual value of used cars remains strong, encouraging consumers to consider pre-owned options.

In contrast to earlier trends, the demand for new electric vehicles (EVs) is declining, and there is a notable surplus of Tesla vehicles in Australia, prompting recent price reductions. This surplus is detailed in a recent report, highlighting a substantial backlog of unsold Tesla cars.

Amidst these developments, Cars4Us continues to navigate the evolving automotive landscape, focusing on helping consumers make informed decisions tailored to their financial situations. By emphasizing transparency and offering high-quality vehicles that meet rigorous safety and performance standards, Cars4Us remains committed to supporting customers through these economic changes.

Cars4Us is leveraging its expertise and market insights to guide customers through these challenging times. By thoroughly inspecting vehicles and providing comprehensive vehicle histories, the company ensures transparency and builds trust with its customers. Cars4Us focuses on high-quality models that meet stringent safety and performance standards, helping buyers find vehicles that offer peace of mind and financial prudence.

The uncertain cash rates in 2024 is undeniably impacting the automotive market, particularly through elevated APRs for auto loans. New car sales are declining as higher financing costs deter potential buyers, while the used car market shows resilience as more consumers seek affordable alternatives. With shifts anticipated in the automotive market in the coming months, Cars4Us remains proactive in guiding consumers towards secure and economically sound vehicle investments.

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