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Cannabis producer recalls one brand of pot after mold reported

RedeCan Pharm, a small pot producer based in Fenwick, Ontario, said 7,400 bottles of its 3.5 grams “B.E.C.” product were voluntarily recalled by the company after it received reports of five customers complaining of mold issues, according to BNN Bloomberg.

An OCS customer, who wished to remain anonymous, told CTV News Toronto she decided to check her product she had been using for about a week after reading about the mold problem on Reddit. “That’s when I found mold on the pot after I had already consumed some,” she said. “I don’t even know what kind of mold it is. I’d never considered before to even look for that.”

The customer says she has not experienced any adverse effects but is still concerned over how this was allowed to happen. “In this case, where you expect it to be government-regulated by Health Canada, I shouldn’t need to be going back and inspecting it a week later.”

On Thursday, Ontario-based licensed cannabis producer RedeCan issued a statement saying the company had received one complaint on November 18, and since that time, has received four more complaints about the same issue.

“At this point, it appears that the reports are limited to a single lot of a particular strain called “B.E.C.” and packaged in 3.5-gram bottles. RedeCan has visually inspected the batch samples of this lot that it is required to retain by Health Canada and has found no evidence of any mold in these samples,” the statement reads.

Another RedeCan customer believes he found something else in his order besides mold, according to 420 Intel. In a video on a site that reviews different marijuana strains, a man who goes by the name of Mark points out tiny little black spots that were apparent all over the buds, which he said indicates insects.

“It looks like each and every single one of them has bugs in it,” he said. RedeCan has since responded however saying that the black spots are not bugs but instead are “protein carbohydrates introduced to the cannabis during the production process”, according to CTV News.

“There are no dead bugs in RedeCan product. There are no holes that have been burrowed by insects,” the company said. The products each undergo irradiation and are tested rigorously by third-parties before being packed, sealed and shipped to the Ontario Cannabis Store, according to RedeCan.

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