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Cadbury says chocolate may become smaller after Brexit

The person in charge of Cadbury in Britain, Glenn Caton, spoke with the Guardian and said the company would adapt to the terms of the U.K.’s exit from the European Union. He added that the company would remain in the country.

The first focus for Cadbury would be to boost productivity. However, Caton said eventually the higher costs of operating may be passed onto customers. The company would do this by shrinking their products or by raising their prices.

Caton mentioned how there are three things that Cadbury cares about in Brexit’s context of negotiations. He said Cadbury wants a stable and thriving economy, and that there’s no new, more complex regulation introduced. The third thing is to ensure there is free movement of goods and there’s minimal barriers to trade.

Caton said all the company can do is move with the times that they face. He said over the last five years, millions were invested and that they were not going to walk away from England.

Not the first time Cadbury has increased prices
If prices do increase, it wouldn’t be the first. A few weeks ago, consumers reported the price of the Cadbury’s Freddo (18g) has increased. People reported an increase of five pence.

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Some consumers took to Twitter to express they were not happy with the price increase, while others didn’t seem too bothered.

Last year Toblerone, which is another product produced by Mondelez, Cadbury’s parent company, underwent changes. The company decided to space out the number of triangles per bar.

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