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Business advice: Best practices for hiring remote workers in another country

Hiring globally requires employers to meet with compliance issues in different countries and jurisdictions.

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If the pandemic was not unsettling enough for the business community, companies are now facing a new reality that can be equally disruptive: global remote work.

This concept does not only extend to hybrid working, work from home or hiring someone from another city. Instead it can represent hiring someone from another country altogether and all the complexities that come with making this a reality.

To gain an insight into the challenges, Digital Journal asked Uriel Eldan, Head of International Expansion at Omnipresent, for the top three reasons why hiring an ‘Employer of Record (EOR)’ can keep the fears at bay when considering international growth for a company. This also concerns the process of hiring global talent located in another country.

By the EOR process, Eldan explains: “EORs are common for companies looking for the best talent and shouldn’t be feared. Employees continue to have access to company information, emails, technical equipment and HR resources, but your organization saves on the administrative complexities involved with hiring someone based in another country.”

In terms of the three tips to observe, Eldan states:


“Hiring globally requires employers to meet with compliance issues in different countries and jurisdictions. Compliance can feel like a spider’s web that includes managing things like compliant employment contracts, intellectual property, probationary periods, performance improvement plans and/or terminations. The right EOR provider can support you in employing compliantly wherever you plan to hire.”

Company Culture

“To help ensure your new hire feels engaged, it is important companies have a strong foundation in their corporate culture. Companies need to link their vision and values to their entire team’s actions, allowing people to live this mission day-to-day. Just because they are abroad, doesn’t mean you’ll lose these values or connections between people. In fact, it gives an added incentive to ensure your teams are overcommunicating to help reach their teammate(s) overseas, adding to the existing teams’ responsiveness.”

Budget Allocation

“Companies also need to think about their lost opportunity costs associated with not finding the global talent they need to grow their business. It’s important to stay ahead of the rapid shift in companies looking to attract global talent. By working with an EOR, organizations are also saving on time and costs for establishing local entities, legal counsel, local consultants, office space, payroll set-up and everything else associated with hiring global talent outside of their home country that sends chills of fear down people’s spines.”

Please feel free to use any of the above commentary in upcoming stories you may be planning.

Eldan is seeking to help take the fear out of hiring abroad and make access to global talent less of a harrowing experience for employers.

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