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Brosnan C. Hoban’s Unique Approach to Commercial Real Estate

He attended college and pursued a traditional career path before realizing that the conventional career trajectory was not the right fit for him.

Brosnan C. Hoban
Brosnan C. Hoban. Photo courtesy Thomas Herd
Brosnan C. Hoban. Photo courtesy Thomas Herd

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He attended college and pursued a more traditional career path with internships and desk jobs before realizing that the conventional career trajectory was not the right fit for him.

Hoban decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in real estate, instead. He put together everything he learned in previous positions and took several online classes to eventually obtain his real estate license. He interned at some of the most prestigious firms in Pittsburgh before opening a business of his own.

Instead of immediately jumping into opening his own business, Hoban saw early on the importance of learning from others and taking that knowledge to his future endeavors. Now, at Hoban Realty, Hoban and his team are better equipped to accommodate their clients.

Hoban takes a unique approach to commercial real estate, leveraging social media as a way to market his business, despite much of the commercial real estate industry not fully tapping into this yet. Much of the real estate industry can be quite old fashioned and not adjusting with the times. Hoban, however, brings a youthful and modern take to the business. He was an early adopter of using the internet and social media to promote their properties, and his successes are a telling sign of just that.

Hoban is proud of his family’s approach to the pandemic and that they did all they could from lowering rents to helping them keep their doors open. He is optimistic as he looks ahead and businesses begin opening up again. Hoban Realty is excited to begin working on new projects and build developments for people to enjoy with their loved ones.

To follow along, find him on Instagram here to stay up to date with his endeavors.

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