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BRICS+ Fashion Summit ignites global fashion scene

The BRICS+ Fashion Summit distinguishes itself through unconventional formats that seamlessly blend education, innovation, and creativity.

Photo courtesy of BRICS+ Fashion Summit
Photo courtesy of BRICS+ Fashion Summit

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In a groundbreaking convention of fashion, cinema, and international collaboration, the BRICS+ Fashion Summit has opened its doors, transcending the boundaries of a typical business conference. This goes beyond a typical business conference or even a fashion event; it is an event that promises to be a momentous occasion that unites over 200 visionaries from the global fashion industry, representing 60 countries in the vibrant city of Moscow. With representatives from so many cultures present, this summit is the most comprehensive of its kind. It has a significant impact on the fashion industry because India and China — two of the most influential textile countries — are leading BRICS.

The alliance was founded by Brazil, Russia, China and India in 2006 — four countries that represent more than one quarter of the world’s gross domestic product. In contrast, the fashion and textile sector is even more significant. Combined gross income of countries represented at BRICS+ Fashion Summit amounts to 38%, but their population together makes up more than 70%.

Photo courtesy of BRICS+ Fashion Summit

Contrary to what we see in traditional business forums, the BRICS+ Fashion Summit distinguishes itself through unconventional formats that seamlessly blend education, innovation, and creativity. Attendees learn from experts and see carefully selected collections by fashion designers as they explore Africa, Asia, and South America at this international event.

The Summit is streamed live in full English on the Internet, bringing it closer to a global audience. Moreover, students at the summit benefit from enriching educational programs and an exclusive fashion film festival. Fashion shorts, a dynamic fusion of fashion in cinema, advertising, and video art, have taken stage today in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, marketing, and digital art. Embraced by both emerging designers at the threshold of their careers and industry experts, fashion shorts emerged as a response to the waning and conventional advertising. At the same time, they rode the wave of advancements in digital technologies as fashion photographers, cameramen, and directors experimented with these new tools.

Photo courtesy of BRICS+ Fashion Summit

The BRICS+ Fashion Summit also hosts a distinguished panel of film professionals, including David Fernandez Martinez Lugo, the founder of the Cinettca International Fashion Film Festival.

Bench Bello, the director of the Manila International Fashion Film Festival, and Adrian Lazarus, the director of the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival in South Africa, are also participating in the panel to share their wisdom, knowledge, and expertise in fashion short films. Together with these fashion film experts and many others, the future of fashion is being altered to showcase more creative styles while diverting from the traditional norms influenced by the mainstream fashion of Milan and Paris.

The BRICS+ Fashion Summit is not just a platform of dialogue. As a global fashion community gathers in Moscow, it celebrates the fusion of diverse cultures and perspectives that fuel the dynamic realm of style.

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