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BlockRock: Here you are CEO, manager, and investor at the same time

BlockRock invests collected transaction fees in crypto-assets, democratically determined by the community.

Image courtesy BlockRock
Image courtesy BlockRock

This article is Sponsored Content by BlockRock Community

BlockRock is a crypto community project with its own token — the BRO$ token. BlockRock invests collected transaction fees in crypto-assets, democratically determined by the community.

As a member of the BlockRock community, you can benefit from swarm intelligence by purchasing the BRO$ token. With this token you have access to a platform where you are CEO, manager and investor at the same time, and can help shape the future of BlockRock.

The investment culture has been severely shaken in recent years by difficult times and unfavorable economic factors such as Covid, wars, rising prices and inflation. Because banks, insurance companies, institutions and politicians cannot cope with these challenges constructively, it is time for investors to take their finances into their own hands — and with BRO$.

As a result, you become a CEO, manager and investor in one person, can be involved in all project-related decisions and thus decisively influence the future of BlockRock. On the official website of BlockRock you will get more information.

BlockRock allows investors to invest with the power of crowd intelligence. For example, fees are charged for each purchase and sale of BRO$ tokens, with 6 percent of transaction fees being charged on purchases and 9 percent on sales.

55 Percent of the fees are invested in crypto assets. The exact investment opportunities are determined democratically by the community.

45 Percent of the fees come to benefit the development of the project, including the provision of liquidity, marketing campaigns, the team and the expansion of the team.

Of course, no money is managed by investors at BlockRock. Instead, the transaction fees generated by BRO$ trading are used. This money is invested in staking and liquidity mining projects, among other things, which leads to weekly returns. In addition, the BlockRock community is also investing in altcoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB. More information about this can be found on the official website of BlockRock.

With BLOCKROCK’s investing wallet, transaction fees are collected and made publicly available on the website or any block explorer.

The community discusses various investment opportunities and projects.

The portfolio managers analyze, discuss and review these and present them to the community for voting. The community decides in which project the transaction fees will be invested.

The development team then makes the investment.

With BlockRock’s BRO$ token, you are a part of a dynamic community where every member can take advantage of an investment exchange with swarm intelligence.

Members can make sustainable investments without consulting or brokerage commissions:

Name: BlockRock
Symbol: BRO$
Smart Contract: 0x5f54B428f08BCF68c8C1Dc07db9971040e5997Ec
Total supply:
Decimal places: 18
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

With the profits from these investments, the own BRO $ token is then bought back and burned.

Token burn refers to the process of the complete destruction of crypto tokens purchased via PancakeSwap in order to reduce the total number of tokens in circulation. This ensures a shrinking overall supply, which will lead to price increases if demand remains the same or increases.

As a result, every BRO$ holder benefits equally from the investments of the BlockRock community.

Become the manager of the BlockRock project, where you own the necessary BRO$ tokens. In doing so, you unlock access to the exclusive communities of the project.

With at least $250 in BRO$ tokens, you will become part of the investor community and can benefit from the great opportunities it offers.

Anyone who even owns at least $ 3,000 in BRO$ tokens can also join the portfolio manager room.

More information is available in the official BlockRock Telegram Group.

BlockRock is a transparent platform, because all transactions can be viewed directly on a block explorer such as BSCScan and all wallets, transactions and the like are recorded and published in weekly reports.

BlockRock has also launched a new project called GainSpot.

Name: Gainspot
Symbol: GAIN$
Smart Contract: 0xaB49cA143fC26F098823b9f05926657B806952a6
Total supply:
Decimal places: 18
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

It works similar to BlockRock only with the difference that the collected transaction fees are invested in riskier assets such as presales and low market cap projects. Therefore, price gains are made faster by riskier investments, which also lead to faster and more frequent buybacks and burns of our GAIN$ token and thus benefit every holder equally.

Image courtesy BlockRock

The GainSpot pre-sale took place on January 10th and was a great success. Within just 3 days, 350 million Gain$ tokens were sold for 400 BNB without marketing and only through BRO$ Holder with at least $250 to BRO$ in their wallet.

The launch on 02.02 on Pancakeswap was also very successful. Over 400% price increases and over $ 400,000 in volume on the day of launch.

The current market capitalization is just under $ 660,000 with a liquidity of over $ 250,000 on Pancakeswap.

Through already collected transaction fees, the GainSpot community has over $ 30,000 available. By a vote of the community, 10,000 US dollars will be added to the reserve and 20,000 US dollars will soon be invested by the community in first assets, decided by further community votes.

In contrast to BlockRock, all Telegram groups are public at GainSpot and every member in the International GainSpot Group can participate in voting.

With a successful start in the crypto market and forward-looking investment decisions by the community, GainSpot is on its way to becoming one of the most promising projects in the industry. We are curious to see what investments the community will make and how the project and the community will develop.

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