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Big Eyes Coin has exceptional launch. Can it be more successful than Axie Infinity and The Sandbox?

Big Eyes Coin is a full-fledged community token with the explicit objective of transferring wealth into the DeFi ecosystem.

Big Eyes Coin
Image courtesy Big Eyes Coin
Image courtesy Big Eyes Coin

This article is Sponsored Content written by a third-party for Big Eyes Coin

Meme-based currencies have gained immense popularity over the years. Meme coins are digital currencies driven by the influence of internet jokes and viral web pictures. With the debut of Dogecoin, which was founded as a joke in December 2013, a new crypto class — meme coins — was born. Meme coin’s functioning is just like any other cryptocurrency; its origin is what makes it different. With the direct link to the online community, its stability is highly dependent on the sentiments of the online community; hence they are more volatile than other cryptocurrencies.

Dogecoin’s value accelerated right after Elon Musk and Mark Cuban championed it. However, after the euphoria wore off, it sank just as swiftly. While some traders may become wealthy through meme coins, others may lose all of their capital due to such fluctuation. Meme coin creators will even utilize publicity stunts to raise the price of a meme coin. Shibu Inu coin creators offered Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, half of all SHIB coins.

Meme coins frequently have an exceptionally large or infinite supply. Unlike Bitcoin, which was designed to have limited units available for mining, meme coins typically have billions in circulation. Meme coins also lack a mechanism that “burns” or permanently eliminates them from circulation; thus, the numbers continue to rise.

For years, cryptocurrency exchanges have introduced native coins to improve user benefits and promote competitiveness in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market. It was beneficial to provide affordable prices and user-friendly services. Platform cryptocurrencies started to develop as soon as exchanges realized they could attract more users by offering special advantages only accessible through their native coins.

Enter Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has created an image of being cute by incorporating a cat’s trait into its values. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a full-fledged community token with the explicit objective of transferring wealth into the DeFi ecosystem and protecting an essential aspect of the global ecosystem. Community tokens are enormous income creators for the community and charity. 

On the other hand, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) aims to contribute more by creating a blockchain environment that self-promotes Hypergrowth by leveraging NFTs to provide access to additional content and events that make the blockchain hypeship worthwhile to the board.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) did not just come into existence for fun or viral content; however, it has stepped in to protect oceans and guide humans on how to save them. Aquatic life has been an integral part of the global ecosystem, and its protection is necessary with increasing climate change. It plans on doing so by donating 5% of its holders’ earnings to sea-based NGOs.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) runs the Big Eyes Sushi Crew club. This club is designed specifically for those with large eyes. NFT Holder is one of the platform’s most significant initiatives. It intends to gather NFTs in the top ten projects and hold annual NFT events!

What Makes Big Eyes Coin (BIG) unique?

Valuing Community

Once cryptos have the cash, they tend to forget where the true value lies – the community – millions of people who could be doing anything – call it the cognitive surplus if you like. However, they breathed life into the crypto market, the DeFi, and NFT, and will create the Meta. 

Dynamic Tax System

Great plans necessitate rapid reactions to secure the project’s endurance and the impression that investors come first. A dynamic tax system will allow fees for Auto Burn features, LP Acquisition, and the Marketing Wallet to be added.

Empowering Community Members

The community is where the real strength lies. The bigger, the more active, the more engaged, and the greater the momentum. The Big Eyes (BIG) community will be rewarded with regular giveaways in tokens, NFTs, and rewards. In order to grab the opportunity at the earliest opportunity, the community needs access to the latest information as soon as possible. In that regard, the Big Eyes (BIG) community will always hear any news first.

Axie Infinity (AXS) 

Axie Infinity (AXS) is blockchain-based commerce and battle game in which players own and control a section of the game. Furthermore, well-known games such as Pokémon and Tamagotchi have affected the platform. Players can, however, acquire, breed, raise, battle, and trade Axies, which are token-related creatures.

Axie Infinity (AXS) incorporates the sense of ownership into the exciting and appealing premise of Pokémon. These Axies are yours and provide actual rewards: Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is a cryptocurrency that can be swapped for cash. The initial expenditures will be a huge deterrent for many players, but this is a game that rewards players for their time and work.

Axie Infinity (AXS) tokens are non-fungible (NFTs) with distinct traits and powers. It can also fight in 3vs3 battles, with the winning team receiving more experience (exp) points, which may be used to rank an Axie’s stats or modify its body parts. Moreover, these Axies may be married to produce unique offspring that can be used or traded on the Axie market. Axie Infinity (AXS) lost 9.40 percent last week and 0.79 percent in the preceding 24 hours. As of August 21st, 2022, the cryptocurrency is 41 on Coinmarketcap, with a market cap of $1.41 billion.

The Sandbox (SAND)

Sandbox (SAND) is a well-known game coin that was established on the Ethereum (ETH) network. The Sandbox economy is made up of SAND, the Sandbox’s native ERC-20 coin, and NFTs. NFTs are the platform’s true currency, and SAND controls the game’s ecosystem. The Sandbox is a blockchain-powered digital environment where users may create, build, purchase, and sell digital assets in the form of games. By merging the powers of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) with non-fungible tokens, the Sandbox creates a decentralized platform for a healthy gaming community (NFTs).

The Sandbox (SAND) generates a metaverse of engaged players contributing to the platform’s further development by focusing on user-generated content. Furthermore, by introducing the SAND token, the Sandbox encourages decentralized governance and allows users to voice their thoughts and ideas regarding the project’s future. Decentralized governance is increasingly becoming a must-have in blockchain-based projects as technology evolves.

As of August 21st, 2022, the value of Sandbox (SAND) has declined by 8.95% in the last seven days, with a drop of 1.05% over the previous 24 hours, putting it in 37th place on CoinMarketCap. As of August 21st, 2022, the coin’s market capitalization was about $1.73billion.

Final Thoughts

The story and the background behind the coin motivate the users to purchase a currency. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) have both a purpose and a story, which can be a motivating factor for buyers interested in the evolving meme coin sector. Furthermore, Shiba Inu (SHIB) may be a fantastic alternative if you seek an established dog currency that has proven itself in the crypto market and has minimal risk considerations. 

This new coin aims to make a fortune while also saving the oceans. Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a new meme currency, is shaking things up with its adorable crypto cat, who enjoys sushi. This cat, with remarkably huge anime-style eyes, is sure to win hearts all around the world, and all he wants is for the cryptocurrency coin to be circulated in order to save the oceans.

If you want to invest in meme coins or any other type of cryptocurrency, you need to know what you’re getting into, but Big Eyes Coin (BIG) could be the next generation meme coin to take off. The project has already raised $1 million in just a few days and is worth taking a look when deciding where your next investment lies.

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