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Best friends created Canada’s best standing desk. Now they’re launching in the USA

Since its launch, Risedesk has exploded into the marketplace, becoming Canada’s number one brand for standing desks.

Photo courtesy Risedesk
Photo courtesy Risedesk

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Established in 2021 in Toronto, Canada, Risedesk is a startup built on sustainability, innovation, and functionality by specializing in ergonomic home office furniture. What initially began as a childhood dream for co-founders and best friends Michael and Mike, quickly grew to something much more. Since its launch, Risedesk has exploded into the marketplace, becoming Canada’s number one brand for standing desks. Consequently, the company has received burgeoning requests to expand into the United States. Presently, they are working on developing their market presence in the US.

Meet the founders: Michael Fan and Mike Huang

From Vancouver, Canada, Michael and Mike (formerly known as Michael, but now goes by Mike to avoid confusion), were brought together in sixth-grade and bonded over their many similarities, unironically including their identical first names and the drive to make a positive impact in their community. 

After moving to Toronto together, graduating from university and finally entering the corporate world, they saw their health suffered sitting at “one size fits all” corporate desks all day. Michael developed chronic poor posture while Mike suffered from repercussions such as lower back and neck pain, life-long foot injuries, hamstring tightness, and weight gain of 30 pounds.

Then and there, they established corporate work solutions are not sustainable for health nor the environment. With that, Risedesk was born and became the first and only Toronto-based ergonomic furniture company. 

Meet the Rise Standing Desk 

Photo courtesy Risedesk

Risedesk elevates office standards by crafting durable and innovative ergonomic furniture that promotes a healthier work environment, allowing remote workers to prioritize their well-being while advancing their careers.

The Rise Standing Desk has all features you could want of an office furniture: a touch screen handle bar with 4 memory keys for increased customization, a sleek wooden tabletop, a dual-motor system, and a minimalist and symmetrical design. 

With a wide range of expertly-designed table top colour options such as Ash, Walnut, Pear, Black, and White, Risedesk ensures that there is a configuration to perfectly complement every personal design philosophy. 

Image courtesy Risedesk

Holding a maximum capacity of 300 lbs and a quiet dual motor system allowing you to switch seamlessly from sitting to standing, the Rise Standing Desk is made to last, with its exceptional design and quality coming with a 10 year warranty.

Elevating Your Home Office

Along with its standing desks, Risedesk also offers a myriad of stylish and highly adjustable ergonomic chairs for the everyday office worker that sits for eight hours a day. Desk accessories are also an option the company offers to improve efficiency and in creating a sleek office look. 

Photo courtesy Risedesk

By choosing Risedesk, you are choosing a product that will stay with you forever, both as an essential furniture piece in your home, and through the lasting effects that the upgrade will have on every day that you rise. Offering a variety of features that will make your work life easier and more enjoyable, keep a lookout for this company as you seek to elevate your home office.

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