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Award-winning mogul Bobby Castro is an inspiration for financial freedom

Time and financial freedom is the ultimate goal for everyone in life. Unfortunately, many people fail to achieve it.

Bobby Castro
Photo courtesy Bobby Castro
Photo courtesy Bobby Castro

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Time and financial freedom is the ultimate goal for everyone in life. Unfortunately, many people fail to achieve it. The road to financial independence isn’t all easy, and there are so many obstacles to overcome. From profligate spending to increasing debts and a high cost of living, you can be burdened with many issues, making your dream almost impossible to achieve. Bobby Castro is an entrepreneur showing people that it’s all achievable, and if he did it, you can too.

In his quest for financial freedom, Castro joined the entrepreneurship world at a young age. He had no experience, knowledge, or enough finances to support his ideas fully. All Castro had was a goal that involved financial stability. While he ended up making many mistakes at the start of his career, he didn’t give up. He says those mistakes are a massive part of his success because he learned early on what not to repeat and what he needed to do to attain his goals.

Through hard work, consistency, and a growth mindset Castro was able to scale his venture. He’s now a self-made multi-millionaire who has successfully built his empire with no investors. He has created a cash-flowing multi-family real estate portfolio.

According to Castro, the fact that he knew want he wanted to achieve from the word go helped him remain focused and disciplined. He notes his desire to live his dreams is what kept him pushing even when challenges came knocking. 

“When you develop a mindset in which you prioritize building a solid financial foundation of savings and investing, you have a clear way to financial independence,” says Castro. He adds it all starts by knowing your current financial situation. With this information, you can plan the steps to reach your target and make a budget that fits your current financial situation. 

“Attaining financial freedom, it’s all about what you keep but not what you earn,” says Castro. While you may be earning a considerable sum of money, you spend the majority and have nothing to save when you don’t have a plan. Castro notes many people believe that money makes you wealthy, while on the contrary, your decisions on how to spend your finances determine your financial status.

“Investing your money paves the way for financial independence,” says Castro. However, before investing, he recommends researching what best fits your plan. If you want to be successful, learning is a continuous process. It not only helps you master new skills, but you can make informed decisions that will contribute to the betterment of your future.

At the start of his career, instead of spending his money, Castro started investing. He expanded his business and later sold it for a $1 billion valuation. Today he shares the experience and knowledge he has acquired over the years to help others start and scale their ventures. Doing so, Bobby Castro is also growing his real estate business. Castro is looking to build a 100-year legacy plan to create generational wealth for his family.

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