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Asha Venkataramani’s Sparkeey brings pop culture swag to calendaring

Investment banker turned entrepreneur Asha Nico Venkataramani is looking to add some youthful flair to the world of scheduling with her new mobile app startup, Sparkeey

Photo courtesy of Asha Nico Venkataramani
Photo courtesy of Asha Nico Venkataramani

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Investment banker turned entrepreneur Asha Nico Venkataramani is looking to add some youthful flair to the world of scheduling with her new mobile app startup, Sparkeey.

With its slick design drawing inspiration from emoji social media darlings like TikTok and Snapchat, Sparkeey aims to provide a luxury calendaring experience for generations “raised on the internet.” 

Stodgy office tools get a Gen Z makeover

While legacy platforms like Outlook and Google Calendar cater to buttoned-up corporate aesthetics, Sparkeey’s UI springs from the same visual culture as Instagram and TikTok. The interface mirrors the look and feel of favourite social media apps.

“Generations A and Z want organizing tools that align with their digital lifestyles,” said Asha Nico. “Sparkeey meets them where they are.”

Over 75% of Sparkeey’s early testers highlight its “cool” and “intuitive” interface as a major draw, especially for those already living much of their life on mobile. With Gen Z attention spans averaging 8 seconds, traditional office tools often struggle to engage. Sparkeey aims to correct the course.

Making wellness fun with behavioural design principles

However, Sparkeey offers more than just good looks — its core behaviour design targets work stress reduction,  social networking,  lifestyle, and wellness, too. Features offer work-life balance efficiency.

Early reviews praise these prosperity-focused prompts, which help users feel happier and healthier while planning days. That’s what Asha Nico calls “Happy-Process” product innovation.

“We promote success, positivity, and fun through our product’s ethos,” she said. “Well-designed apps can inspire better living.”

With more people leading remote, mobile-first lives, getting things scheduled seamlessly makes room for more rest, play, and adventure. Sparkeey wants to organize events to bring excitement rather than exhaustion.

Sparkeey sets sights on Global Calendar domination

On the heels of its recent London launch, Sparkeey now looks to expand its innovative design and Gen Z appeal across selective target markets in Europe and the UK while evaluating the timing of the USA showcase.

Early traction shows promise, with Feb 2024 user polling indicating Sparkeey could emerge as the calendar of choice for social events and business meetings with next-gen demographics. Continued adoption by its target users will determine if Sparkeey can stake a claim as a major player in the scheduling space.

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