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Alloy: revolutionizing the jewelry & metal resale industry with modern approach

Alloy’s launch marks the very first app of its kind for the metals resale industry.

Logo courtesy Alloy
Logo courtesy Alloy

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June 22, 2023 – Pennsylvania has a rich history in technology and metal production. In 1867, the state was home to America’s first steel plant, and for a century, it was recognized as the world’s steel capital, revolutionizing the way steel and metals were brought to market.  This activity generated the bones for many of the greatest icons of the mesmerizing modern age, such as the first railroad rails, the Panama Canal, The Golden Gate Bridge, and The Empire State Building.

Nearly a century and a half later, the state continues to inspire innovation in the industry. One such company, Alloy, with generations of Pennsylvania metal roots, is extending that legacy and bringing new life to the precious metals exchange sector. With the recent launch of the company’s app and web-based platform, individuals can now sell their jewelry easily at maximum prices. Alloy’s launch marks the very first app of its kind for the metals resale industry. 

Getting More for Your Old Jewelry

Instead of financially strapped individuals looking to untrustworthy pawn shops or neighborhood strip mall jewelry stores, Alloy or The Alloy Market, provides individuals with highly accurate payout estimates, an improved selling experience, and industry-leading payouts. Most notably, estimates and payouts are transparently based on current gold, silver, and other metals pricing.

Caroline Billings, a recent Denver-based Alloy customer, noted that for her deceased Great Aunt’s 18K gold bracelet, she received a payout of $1,422.75, which was 25% higher than the quotes she received from local jewelry stores. She received the payout within five days and expects to sell additional items on the site.

Alloy’s Founding Spurred A Personal Struggle & Triumph

The story behind Alloy’s inception is one of both personal struggle and triumph. Last year, the founder, Brandon Aversano, found out that he had cancer and was soon burdened with overwhelming medical expenses. Seeking a way to earn some spare cash without compromising too much of his time, Aversano remembered that his grandparents had left him some gold jewelry.

However, in efforts to sell the items, pawn shops, and jewelry stores offered him mere fractions of their actual value, and the experience left him frustrated. Fueled by this, Aversano founded Alloy with the aim of providing a reliable solution to this problem, helping people make money quickly and securely, especially in challenging times when money is tight.

Three Generations in the Metals Industry

Interestingly, entrepreneurship and metals seem to run in the family blood. In 1946, Aversano’s great-grandfather started Allied, a company that manipulates sheet metal into aluminum tanks. His grandfather and subsequently father took over the Pennsylvania-based business in the late 90s.

Aversano, now cancer-free, noted: “Our mission is to provide a risk-free and seamless buying and selling experience for our customers while offering competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. With our team’s extensive expertise in the industry, we’re proud to offer this dynamic, game-changing platform.”

How it Works: The Alloy Process

The selling process is simple and straightforward. Users provide basic info and receive a free shipping label to send in their jewelry after a phone call with an Alloy representative. Once Alloy evaluates the items, a personalized offer is sent to the user, with payments via check or PayPal or returned for free if declined. The platform also offers a 100% risk-free buying process and prides itself on being a safe and easy way to sell jewelry and get the best value for it. With its unique selling process and commitment to customer satisfaction, The Alloy Market is quickly becoming a top choice for those looking to sell their jewelry online.

An Appealing & Reliable Partner in Challenging Times

The Alloy Market has been especially appealing in the current economic environment with its risk-free buying process, free shipping labels, and competitive pricing. With financial uncertainties persisting for many, individuals are looking for reliable ways to generate cash. The platform offers a practical solution for those facing unexpected expenses, unemployment, divorce, or death, making it a valuable resource in these challenging times.

Since its inception, the company has received an A+ rating from The Better Business Bureau and boasts a collective five-star rating on both Google & Yelp.

Rapidly Expanding To Meet Future Demand

Since its launch, the company is off to a fast start with numerous customer orders, highlighting the strong demand for its services in the current environment. To expand on early success more broadly, the company plans to introduce a new B2B partnership program in 2023 that will provide jewelry stores with a way to offer buyback programs to its customers.

About Alloy:

Alloy is bringing radical transparency to the precious metals exchange industry by offering consumers highly accurate upfront payout estimates, industry-leading payouts, and a guaranteed safe, secure, and enjoyable transaction experience. Consumers can expect a fast, safe, and easy process to exchange their gold, silver, and platinum jewelry or scrap metal for cash through a company committed to upholding radical transparency, promoting sustainability across the metals supply chain, and constantly adding consumer value. 

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