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Ahmed Tarek: A pioneer in shaping the telecommunications landscape

Ahmed Tarek is a professional telecom engineer who has transfigured the radio communication universe throughout the Middle East and North Africa region

Photo courtesy of Ahmed Tarek
Photo courtesy of Ahmed Tarek

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The telecommunications market is crucial for corporations to liaise with their customers and build relationships with prospective partners. Furthermore, residents use it to acquire information about the world and reach out to long-distance relatives and close associates. Ahmed Tarek is a professional telecom engineer who has transfigured the radio communication universe throughout the Middle East and North Africa region.

Beginnings in the radio sector

Tarek pursued an education in Egypt, specializing in Communications Engineering and Electronics. He earned a Bachelor of Engineering in the area in 2007, and his university acknowledged him for his work. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology awarded him an accolade for creating the best graduation project of the year, which focused on radio frequencies and wireless communication.

Shortly after his graduation, Ahmed ascertained the revolutionary developments of 3G technology, which was new to Egypt’s telecom and communication market. One of the nation’s leading mobile operators, Etisalat Misr, strove to introduce its operations there, and he had the opportunity to develop network systems actively for the enterprise. Harnessing his engineering expertise, he helped implement Egypt’s first taste of 3G technology and modeled the country’s telecommunications field.

From 2010 to 2013, Tarek showcased his networking proficiency throughout the Middle East and Africa, working in a pivotal role alongside prominent operators as a Senior Transmission Consultant and Instructor. Some of the partners he merged forces with included the following:

  • Etisalat in the UAE
  • STC in Saudi Arabia
  • Telecom Egypt
  • Vodafone in Egypt
  • Inwi in Morocco
  • Ethio Telecom in Ethiopia

An integration of technological applications

After working closely with these businesses, Ahmed sought an interest in business development in the technology and telecom industries in 2014. As a pathfinder, he wanted to inspire growth and innovation in developing countries by implementing new products and cutting-edge technologies for developing countries.

His journey in tech and radio communications drove him to create TARSHEED, his first patent application, in 2017. Oriented around cultivating the smart home environment, this infrastructural gadget tests, measures, and controls the most active household or office appliances. It also notifies the building owner of consumption habits and power-saving methods. TARSHEED utilized only a small electronic sub-meter for detecting power usage so existing infrastructure could remain intact and unaltered.

For the Qatar World Cup 2022, the nation’s government recognized Tarek’s invention for its sustainability procedures. Later, Qatar Challenge 22, a research institution, shortlisted his patent as one of the best projects.

An intervention in the pipelining department

To expand business in Egypt and North Africa, Ahmed assumed the Regional Sales Manager and Country Manager role for Dura-Line, a leading manufacturer and distributor of connectivity solutions.

From 2018 to 2022, he managed sales, built client relationships, and extensively collaborated with key stakeholders. His main goal was to spread Dura-Line’s business solutions to Egypt and the broader North African region.

Tarek’s career with Dura-Line led to him directly engaging with the Egyptian government, a noteworthy feat. He directed the design, supply, and implementation of micro duct technology, a pivotal piece in the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) project. This proposal was one of Egypt’s most significant contributions to developing the nation’s New Administrative Capital.

In 2020, Ahmed created his second patent called Spacer. He engineered this solution to optimize organization, increase trench capacity, and expedite maintenance for fiber cables and duct bundles.

With Spacer, telecom businesses could expand the volume of their trenches by 34%, thereby making space for significantly more conduits and easier servicing.

Tarek’s journeys through the telecom field led him to launch his own business and become its CEO and Technical Manager. He provides state-of-the-art and economical infrastructure solutions for new cities and modern urban domains. Data networks are the core of his enterprise due to the ever-evolving nature of today’s multifaceted industrial ecosystem. Surveillance systems, smart homes, computer networks, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are just some of the facets of his venture.

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