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Alex Rodriguez is quietly producing for the New York Yankees

A year-and-a-half ago New York Yankees designated hitter Alex Rodriguez was embroiled in the aftermath of the Biogenesis scandal. Now, the 39-year-old has quietly become one of the team's most reliable hitters.

Op-Ed: US pushing plans to directly arm Sunni tribes and Kurds in Iraq

Baghdad - Sunni fighters defending Ramadi complain that they were defeated by the Islamic State fighters because they had not received either payment or US military equipment from the Iraqi central government.

Nebraska becomes 19th U.S. state to ban death penalty

Lincoln - Lawmakers in Nebraska overrode a governor's veto of their vote to repeal the death penalty, becoming the 19th US state—and the first conservative state in more than 40 years—to abolish capital punishment.

Op-Ed: Scientist satirizes 'bad science', spins chocolate-loses-weight

There is plenty of good science out there, and there is plenty of bad science. A scientist and journalist, John Bohannon, has highlighted how quickly 'bad science' can circulate with a spoof feature on chocolate and weight loss.

Swedish dads to get third month of paternity leave

Stockholm - The Swedish government plans to introduce a third month of paid parental leave reserved for fathers as of next year in a bid to further increase gender equality, it said on Thursday.

Qaeda-led rebels take Idlib's last Syria regime bastion

Birut - A rebel coalition led by the Syrian affiliate of Al-Qaeda stormed and seized the last regime-held city in Idlib province Thursday, as Iraq exhumed the remains of 470 jihadist victims.

Whopping 552-lb Atlantic goliath grouper caught from kayak [Vid]

Sanibel - A Florida fisherman, Jon Black, reeled in a 552-pound Atlantic goliath grouper fish from a Kayak while fishing in Sanibel, Fla., on 20 May. The catch is believed to be the biggest goliath grouper ever caught from a kayak.

Study makes people less racist and sexist with science

According to a new study, all it takes to make a person less racist and sexist — at least temporarily — is a simple exercise and a bit of sleep.

Baltics mull joint air defence system against Russia

- Defence ministers for the three Baltic states said Thursday they are mulling a joint air defence system in response to security concerns over Russia's activity in the region.

Where the heck is Cutter?

Zurich - Networks reported Wednesday that corruption arrests of FIFA executives was partly triggered by its selection of oil-rich Qatar as the host of the 2022 World Cup. Jon Stewart’s Daily Show had much fun with the story.

Summer’s coming, and Portland is ready with its concerts

Portland - Portland, also known as the "City of Roses," is well-known for its climate, scenery and mood. Plus, with summer approaching, the city is also known as a great place to catch a concert, whether that be in a theater, ballroom or in the open air.

One-third of cereal company's egg supply affected by bird flu

A third chicken flock in Nebraska owned by Post Holdings has tested positive for the avian flu virus, bringing its total affected egg supply to about 35 percent of commitments.

Early Alzheimer's detection: White matter brain damage found

A study published from researchers in Milan, Italy, using a new MRI technique, found damage to the brain's white matter in Alzheimer's Disease. It was believed there was only grey matter damage in dementia and their findings may lead to early detection.

Mexico must probe police gunfight: rights group

- A US-based human rights group urged Mexican prosecutors Thursday to investigate whether police committed extrajudicial executions after a "shootout" left 42 suspects dead, raising questions about the lopsided death toll.

Eight convicted of fleecing French billionaire L'Oreal heiress

Bourdeaux - A French court on Thursday convicted eight members of L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt's entourage of exploiting the frail billionaire, with one ordered to repay her 158 million euros ($170 million).

Cyprus leaders agree on new crossings on divided island

Nicosia - The Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders agreed Thursday to open more crossing points and link the mobile phone and electricity networks to help restore trust between their estranged communities on divided Cyprus.

First Pacific hurricane forecast for Friday

Miami - Friday is expected to see the first hurricane of the Eastern Pacific storm season, US meteorologists warned, heralding the start of a turbulent six-month period.

NBA Finals spotlights two best basketball players in the world

This is going to be fun, ball fans. 2015 MVP vs multiple-year MVP. Steph Curry's Golden State Warriors will battle LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals which begin June 4 in Oakland.

Rebels storm last regime-held city in Syria's Idlib: Monitor

Birut - A rebel coalition led by Al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate edged into the last remaining government-held city in the northwest province of Idlib on Thursday, a monitoring group said.

Former Tajik police chief reappears as IS fighter in video

Dushanbe - A man claiming to be the former head of ex-Soviet Tajikistan's special forces police division appeared in a video Wednesday saying he has joined the Islamic State jihadist group in Syria.
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