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Suspected home invader shot and killed by 11-year-old boy

St Louis - On Thursday, an armed 11-year-old boy shot and killed a 16-year-old during a suspected home invasion in St. Louis County.

Syria car bomb kills key anti-regime Druze cleric: monitor

Birut - A prominent Druze cleric known for criticising Syria's regime and Islamist extremists was assassinated in a car bomb attack outside the southern city of Sweida Friday, a monitoring group said.

Op-Ed: A special event for Kindness is "NeekOn" comes to San Francisco Special

San Francisco - Everyone can experience a little more kindness these days, at least that is what one man sees is a higher purpose in life. So much so it has inspired him to organize the first one-day event in Golden Gate Park to call attention to it.

In policy shift, Cuba welcomes back doctors who deserted

Havana - Cuba has decided to allow doctors who deserted while on foreign missions to return home without punishment or loss of position in the state health care system, the government said Friday.

Review: Problem-solving is key in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include one of the year’s best films; an bloody twist on the time-loop narrative; an entertaining new crime-solving TV series; and a new ‘Star Wars’ tale to whet your appetite.

Op-Ed: Justice wins as clerk jailed for denying gay marriage licences

"God's moral law conflicts with my job duties" claims U.S. County Kim Davis and the action she's taken because of it have landed her in jail. For many that is the correct decision. Why? Because her actions were wrong and her argument is nonsense.

Op-Ed: Are you ready to choose the last generation?

All parents love their children. And every grandparent falls in love with their grandkids. Which generation are you willing to kill?

Study: Apps aimed at children save and share personal data

A group of privacy advocates has found many apps and websites aimed specifically at children collect personal information and then share it with third parties. Others run marketing campaigns or prompt children to sign-up to mailing lists.

Clinton seeks second wind in US race after email scandal

San Juan - Hillary Clinton, entangled in an email controversy, has long dismissed the uproar as a manufactured imbroglio. But faced with eroding support, the Democratic presidential frontrunner recognizes she must now humbly explain herself.

Earth's 3 trillion trees are falling at an alarming rate

Earth has trillions of trees, including redwoods in California, olive trees in Tunisia, cherry trees in Japan and many more. However, they are falling at a very high rate.

Men claiming discovery of Nazi 'gold train' go public

Varsovia - Two treasure hunters claiming to have discovered a Nazi "gold train" went public Friday for the first time but failed to reveal evidence for the alleged find they insist is "irrefutable".

Two men arrested over Bangkok attack unlikely the bomber: police

Bangkok - Thai police on Friday said neither of the two men detained over the deadly Bangkok attack last month were believed to be the main bombing suspect -- seen on CCTV wearing a yellow t-shirt and placing a rucksack under a bench at Erawan shrine moments bef...

Fears stalk Bangladesh bloggers after killing spree

Dhaka - Nervous, pale and sleep deprived, Bangladesh blogger Shammi Haque describes living in constant fear after four of her colleagues were hacked to death this year by suspected Islamists.

Rebel U.S. county issues first marriage licenses to gay couples

Washington - A US county at the center of a firestorm for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gays handed out its first certificate to a same-sex couple Friday, local television reported.

Pentagon chief says Iran deal strengthens U.S. military option

Washington - US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter offered assurances Friday that the Iran nuclear deal will leave Washington with a "more effective" military option if that becomes necessary.

Catalonia head says parliament majority enough to secede from Spain

Madrid - Catalonia's president vowed Friday to begin seceding from Spain if pro-independence parties win a majority of seats -- not votes -- in regional parliament elections set for later this month.

Hunt is on for escaped eight-foot king cobra in Orlando, Florida

Orlando - Residents of one Orlando, Florida neighborhood are being extra careful this week after it was learned one of their neighbors reported his eight-foot long king cobra had escaped its enclosure.

Volunteer hotline saves desperate migrants from the Med

Strasbourg - From his office in Strasbourg in eastern France, Hatem Gheribi picks up the phone to a desperate woman who says she has washed up on a tiny Greek island.As part of the "Watch the Med" team, Gheribi answers lots of calls like this.

UKIP's Farage invites leftist Corbyn on anti-EU campaign

London - British anti-EU leader Nigel Farage on Friday said he wanted leftist Jeremy Corbyn to be the next leader of the Labour Party and invited him to join his campaign for Britain to leave the European Union.

AOL to acquire Millennial Media for about $250 million

On Thursday, AOL announced it has plans to buy Millennial Media, a mobile ad firm, for around $250 million in cash. The deal represents one-eighth of Millennial's market value on the day of its public offering.
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