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Review: Sam Feldt releases soaring 'Magnets' EP Special

Dutch DJ and producer Sam Feldt released his latest EP "Magnets" on May 24, 2019, via Spinnin Records. It is certainly his most ambitious musical effort to date.

World's rivers loaded with antibiotics waste: study

Paris - Rivers worldwide are polluted with antibiotics that exceed environmental safety thresholds by up to 300 times, according to research unveiled at a conference Monday.

Brazil indigenous chief Raoni meets pope as Amazon threat rises

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Monday met Brazil's legendary indigenous chief Raoni who is on a European tour to highlight increasingly acute threats to the Amazon since far-right President Jair Bolsonaro took power.

Far-right will struggle to unite despite EU gains

Apo - Despite gains in European elections, far-right nationalists and eurosceptics are disunited and will have difficulty in mounting a coherent anti-EU opposition over the next five years, analysts say.

Israeli political standoff risks provoking election rerun

Jerusalem - Israeli coalition negotiations remained deadlocked Monday as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a right-wing party leader engaged in a standoff that could provoke new elections only months after April 9 polls.

Gathering storm: Merkel govt feels heat of climate vote

Berlin - A European election drubbing has served as a harsh wake-up call for Germany's leaders that young voters fear climate change and are furious about the government's glacial response to it.

German court orders fines for 'sharia police' group

Frankfurt Am Main - A German court on Monday ordered seven Islamic fundamentalists to pay fines over a so-called "sharia police" patrol they launched in 2014 to mass media and political outrage.

Villagers kill Ebola health worker in eastern DR Congo

Apo - Villagers in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo killed a health worker engaged in the fight against a major Ebola outbreak and looted a treatment centre, according to an official report seen Monday by AFP.

12th-century Afghan minaret saved, for now, after floods

Herat - The minaret of Jam, a revered Afghan historical treasure, has been saved from imminent danger after hundreds of workers diverted surging floodwaters that were gnawing at the 12th-century tower, officials said Monday.

Iraq condemns fourth French IS member to death

Baghdad - An Iraqi court on Monday condemned a fourth French citizen to death for joining the Islamic State group, despite France reiterating its opposition to capital punishment.

Q&A: Why many business are moving their legacy Oracle application Special

New research finds that many Integrated Technology and Device Manufacturers are considering moving their legacy Oracle applications. Barriers to this are uncertainty and risk. Bill Saltys of Apps Associates explains why such a move is important.

Correction fluid fails to cover up Malawi vote chaos

Blantyre - Tipp-Ex, once the favourite tool of office workers who had to cover up typing mistakes, has become an analogue-era peril to presidential elections in Malawi.

Beaten but not vanquished, Macron seeks to shakeup EU parliament

Paris - French President Emmanuel Macron tasted defeat in European elections, but not disaster, and is set to continue pushing both his pro-EU agenda and a re-alignment of parties in the EU parliament.

Old partner Nissan left sidelined by Renault-Fiat merger

Apo - Nissan, a long-time Renault partner, has been left sidelined by a potential tie-up between the French firm and Fiat-Chrysler, just as the beleaguered Japanese firm battles to recover from the arrest of former boss Carlos Ghosn.

French police arrest four over Lyon package bomb blast

Lyon - French police arrested four people Monday over a package bomb explosion in the heart of the southeastern city of Lyon last week which injured 13 people, authorities said.

In Japan, Trump leaves allies, enemies and staff guessing

Apo - Trump came to meet Japan's emperor but it was the US president who played the monarch in Tokyo as he pushed a personal brand of foreign policy leaving allies, foes and staff alike wondering what on Earth to expect next.

Fight for top EU jobs begins after European elections

Apo - The tussle for top EU jobs got under way Monday after European Parliament elections delivered a fragmented result, with gains for eurosceptic and green parties as the traditional mainstream groups took a hit.

Iraq condemns fourth French IS member to death

Baghdad - An Iraqi court on Monday condemned a fourth French citizen to death for joining the Islamic State group, a day after handing capital punishments to three other Frenchmen.

Colliding lasers lead to cheaper proton therapy

A new method capable of doubling of a proton beam produced via laser-based particle accelerators has been developed in Sweden. This could pave the way for lower-cost medical applications, like proton therapy.

70,000 families displaced in Paraguay flooding

Asunci - Heavy flooding in Paraguay has displaced 70,000 families and is threatening to further inundate the capital Asuncion in the coming weeks, the country's weather bureau said.Water levels on the Paraguay River are rising at a rate of 4-5 centimeters (1.
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