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Op-Ed: Greek finance minister demands new game

Athens - The meeting between Yanis Varoufakis the new Greek finance minister with the finance chief of the eurogroup Jeroen Dijseelbloem ended in a very tense press conference.

Comcast sets new customer service low, calling customer a**hole

For a long time, Comcast has been notorious among its customers for poor customer service, but in its latest stunt the giant telecom company proves its detractors correct and proves that the company is the problem, not its customers.

Review: 'The Rolling Girls' EP 4 shows love to otaku heroes

The latest episode of "The Rolling Girls" leaves one extremely curious about the origins of the mysterious heart-shaped moon stones.

Op-Ed: School vouchers and "school choice" may be thorny issue for Bush

Austin - George P. Bush, Jeb Bush's son and rising political star in Texas, attended a "school choice" rally in Austin and argued that citizens should be able to remove their kids from public schools and put them in charter and private schools. It's a bad move.

Pro-democracy protesters to return to Hong Kong streets

Hong Kong - Thousands of pro-democracy protesters will rally on Hong Kong's streets Sunday for the first time since mass demonstrations shut down parts of the city for more than two months.

Millions of gallons of BP oil found on ocean's floor

While Gulf Coast residents are feeling pretty good about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, thinking it's now less harmful than originally thought, scientists have found almost 10 million gallons of BP's oil, sitting on the bottom of the Gulf.

Review: 'Fairy Tail 2' EP 43 gives "Celestial Spirit" arc a dull ending

The latest episode of "Fairy Tail 2" concludes the "Eclipse Celestial Spirits" filler arc, which means the cast of the titular "Fairy Tail" can move onto something better.

Mayweather-Pacquiao showdown dims as Jan.31 deadline expires

The deadline that was imposed by Manny Pacquiao on Mayweather to sign their fight contract that was calendared for May 2 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena has expired today (Philippine time) fueling speculations that Pacquiao will no longer pursue the fight.

Op-Ed: Vaccination controversy creates furor in wake of measles outbreak

Is it ethically appropriate for a doctor to declare vaccines should not be given, even as there is a measles outbreak in the United States? Is it right for a doctor to refuse children as patients whose parents disallow vaccinations?

Review: Jeff Bridges releases pleasant spoken word album 'Sleeping Tapes' Special

Oscar winner Jeff Bridges has a new spoken word album "Sleeping Tapes" that will certainly put fans and listeners to sleep, in a good way.

Review: 'Isuca' EP 2 has literally gone to the 'rats'

The latest episode of "Isuca" becomes a literal cat and mouse game as the whole storyline has been "thrown down to the rats."

Op-Ed: Canadian government introduces new powers to counter terrorism

Ottawa - On Friday, the federal Canadian Conservative government of Stephen Harper introduced legislation giving new powers to the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service along with a number of other measures designed to counter terrorist threats.

Framing ties with Russia in a 'post' post-Cold War era

Washington - Whatever happened to that reset button Hillary Clinton gave her Russian counterpart in 2009 as a sign of renewed ties? No doubt gathering dust, while the West figures out how to handle Moscow now.

Warming oceans triggering population explosion of marine animals

Along the Central and Northern California coastline, observers are seeing an explosion of bright pink, inch-long sea slugs in the tide pools. Scientists are saying the "population boom" of these sea slugs this far north was predicted in 2011.

Protesters call Kissinger war criminal in hearing, McCain fumes

With Arizona Senator John McCain rushing to his defense and calling the protesters "low life scum," former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was denounced in a public hearing by protesters seeking his arrest, calling him a "war criminal."

Nick Bateman surpasses two million fans on Facebook

Actor and model Nick Bateman has a digital milestone to celebrate. He has surpassed two million fans on his Facebook page.

Review: 'GARO — The Animation' EP 16 is literal 'medical malpractice'

The latest episode to "GARO: The Animation" entertains the idea of "medical malpractice" in a dark supernatural sense of things.

A million rare documents damaged in Moscow library blaze

Moscow - A fire that ripped through one of Russia's largest university libraries is believed to have damaged over one million historic documents, with some describing the fire as a cultural "Chernobyl.

Whitney Houston daughter Bobbi Brown unresponsive in bath

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only child of the late Whitney Houston, was found unresponsive in a bathtub in her home in Georgia today. It is but 12 days from being three years since her mother died after being found unresponsive in a hotel bathtub.

Kenji Goto beheaded by ISIS

A video was released Saturday afternoon by the Islamic State (IS)showing the beheading of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto.
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