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More than 130 pilot whales die in mass Australia beaching

Perth - At least 135 short-finned pilot whales died Friday after a mass beaching in Australia as rescuers worked to herd those still alive back out to sea.

Scientists to release mammoth survey of Nature's vital signs

Medell - Scientists will deliver a comprehensive assessment Friday of the state of biodiversity -- the animals and plants that humankind depends on to survive but has driven into a mass species extinction.

Mahathir raises 'remote takeover' theory in MH370 mystery

Sydney - Malaysia's veteran ex-leader Mahathir Mohamad said Friday that missing flight MH370 might have been taken over remotely in a bid to foil a hijack, reviving one of the many conspiracy theories surrounding its disappearance.

China turning to AI to help alleviate its doctor shortage

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already used in medical treatment to examine medical scans and spot diabetes in many places. In China AI can do much more than simply help doctors. It can actually aid in alleviating China's doctor shortage.

Why social media is banning cryptocurrency ads: Interview Special

Following the footsteps of both Google and Facebook, Twitter will now also ban advertisements related to cryptocurrencies. Why is this and what doe they fear? Joe McCann, Founder and CEO of NodeSource explains.

Italy's hung parliament reconvenes with horse trading over speakers

Rome - Italy's deadlocked parliament reconvenes on Friday, with a battle for the positions of speaker in each house laying the ground for a future fight over who will lead a new government.

Iran's 'houses of strength', between the ancient and the modern

Tehran - A few streets and several centuries apart, Iran's gyms come in distinctive breeds, ancient and hyper-modern, reflecting a society torn between outside influences and the continuing strength of religious ritual.

Merck shows how a pharma company can go digital

Darmstadt - Pharmaceutical companies are under pressure to reduce expenses while improving results. This is one reason why the sector is looking towards digital technologies. A company down this journey is the German company Merck.

Scientists have developed a true lithium-air battery

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Argonne National Laboratory have designed a new lithium-air battery that works in a natural-air environment while continuing to function after hundreds of charge-discharge cycles.

Microsoft announces new accessibility tech coming to Windows 10

Microsoft has announced several new accessibility features coming to Windows 10. The company is preparing to rollout improvements to its assistive technologies, including Narrator and eye control. It will make Windows more accessible for all users.

EU leaders want 'permanent exemption' from Trump tariffs

Apo - EU leaders on Friday said they would seek a permanent exemption from punishing trade tariffs, after US President Donald Trump granted a temporary reprieve.

May says transition deal creates 'new dynamic' for Brexit talks

Apo - British Prime Minister Theresa May told EU leaders Thursday that securing a deal on the post-Brexit transition period had created a "new dynamic" to now tackle the toughest questions of trade and Ireland.

Road map for the digital transformation of pharmaceuticals

Berlin - The impact and future of digitization along the value chain of the pharmaceutical industry have been discussed at a recent conference. The process of digital transformation presents both opportunities and threats for pharma.

Sarkozy mounts fightback in Libya probe

Paris - Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy will appeal court restrictions imposed on him after he was charged with financing his 2007 election campaign with money from late Libyan dictator Moamer Kadhafi, his lawyer said Friday.

UN, AFP launch prize to honor slain Mexican journalists

Mexico - The UN and AFP launched an award Thursday to honor journalists who risk their lives to cover human rights abuses in Mexico, in tribute to two celebrated reporters murdered last year.

Op-Ed: Trump bans American use of Venezuelan petro coin

Washington - On Monday, President Trump signed an executive order that bans the use of Venezuela's new crypto coin the Petro. The ban prohibits all U.S. transactions in digital currencies that benefit the Venezuelan government.

Alberta oil and gas methane emissions grossly under-reported

Alberta - A new, peer-reviewed scientific study shows that oil and gas methane emissions were 15 times higher than what the industry reported in the Red Deer production area in Alberta.

Joshua Leonard: Hollywood's go-to guy for daring movie-making

Los Angeles - Ever since Joshua Leonard helped reinvent indie filmmaking as a star of found-footage pioneer "The Blair Witch Project," he has been something of a go-to guy for groundbreaking, no-budget cinema.

Texas bomber 'not sorry' on confession tape: report

Chicago - The man behind a series of package bombs that terrorized Texas state capital Austin left a recorded confession expressing no remorse and describing himself as a "psychopath," a newspaper reported Thursday.

In Egypt's impoverished south, Sisi is voters' only choice

Qena - In the Egyptian village of Abu Shosha, far south of Cairo, residents hit hard by economic hardships are planning to vote for President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in elections starting on Monday.
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