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NASA working to make Venus atmosphere humanity's next home

It isn't the rocky cold surface of Mars that could be humanity's next home. A NASA project wants to make Venus's atmosphere humanity's next home.

Why Amir Khan rejected fight against Kell Brook

British boxing star Amir has rejected the proposed fight against fellow British boxer Kell Brook saying the unbeaten rising star from Sheffield, England, is disrespectful and not yet on his level.

Variety is the spice of life for this humble moth's sex life

A researcher at the University of Leeds has found an unassuming small brown moth with one of the most unusual sex lives in the insect world. The mating rituals of the gold swift moth (Phymatopus hecta) are said to be worthy of an insect Karma Sutra.

15 fundamental facts about Matt McAndrew of 'The Voice' Special

Matt McAndrew admits he’s quite content being named runner-up of ‘The Voice.’ The singer/songwriter behind “Wasted Love” also acknowledges his penchant for shedding tears & anonymity and his reverence for skateboarding, Nirvana and Harry Potter.

Atheists write their own Ten Commandments

Atheists now have their own version of the Ten Commandments, or more precisely, what the organizers and judges of the Rethink Prize crowdsourcing project to codify statements summarizing the beliefs of atheists called "Ten Non-Commandments."

Signs suggest a cyberattack against North Korea

North Korea appears to be suffering a cyberattack that has made the country's internet connection intermittent since Sunday evening.

Op-Ed: North Korea offline following Sony cyber attack

Pyongyang - Internet experts said North Korea was offline Monday, and there was no immediate explanation of why or for what reason. The U.S. State Department declined to comment, saying that if it is true questions should be directed to Pyongyang.

Crisis-hit Russia's top allies forge ties with Ukraine

Kiev - Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev followed his Belarussian counterpart to Ukraine on Monday as Moscow's old allies reassessed their reliance on Russia in the heat of its financial malaise.

Under cloud of controversy, cannabis e-cigarettes debut in UK

Over protests from members of the French government and health groups, the first electronic cannabis cigarette is available in the UK.

Nigeria bombing kills 20 as Boko Haram storms another town

Gombe - A bombing at a bus station in northeast Nigeria killed at least 20 people on Monday, as Boko Haram was blamed for a separate attack in the embattled region.

Woman powers robotic arm wirelessly

Pittsburgh - A paralyzed woman has used her brain to move a robotic arm wirelessly. This is said to be the most dexterous movement yet accomplished via a brain-machine interface.

Op-Ed: Wealth tips from the 10 richest people in the world

2014 saw some changes on the leaderboard of the world's richest people. But they all have some things in common we common folk can learn from in order to get rich, or more likely die trying.

Drilling for microbes in extreme environments

Scientists have been analyzing samples from the deepest-ever marine drilling expedition to identify living microbes. In parallel, researchers exploring the Arctic have found life thriving below the ice.

N.Korea's Internet appears to collapse after Sony hack

Washington - North Korea's Internet went completely dark Monday after hours of instability, cyber experts said, suggesting the country's network could be under attack following the hacking of Sony Pictures.

Researchers discover 8,000-year-old olive oil in clay pots

Researchers have discovered 8,000-year-old olive oil, completely by accident, during an expedition in Israel's northern region.

Turkey's Erdogan slams birth control as 'treason'

Istanbul - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan described efforts to promote birth control as "treason", saying contraception risked causing a whole generation to "dry up", reports said Monday.

Solving sex crimes with microbes

Perth - A new study shows how microbial species found in pubic hair samples could help track down criminals. This is because every person has a slightly different microbial composition in this bodily region.

Homeless in Detroit set up tent city in the shadow of downtown

Detroit - With Detroit, Michigan looking to the future after shedding a $7.0 billion bankruptcy debt, city officials are now going to need to address the tent city of homeless people that has been set up in the shadow of the downtown area.

Op-Ed: Dick Cheney's lack of care for innocents is America at its lowest

He is a de facto representative of the U.S, Dick Cheney. No longer in an office but still part of the political landscape. A player, maybe even the player in the GOP. And, as a recent interview shows, he is arrogant, smug and pridefully populist.

Australian father, sons, survive 11 days in outback drinking rainwater

An Australian father and his two young sons survived on rainwater and a small amount of food while they were stranded for 11 days in outback Queensland.
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