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Controversial 'Old Town Road' country-rap megahit highlights black cowboy culture

New York - A now-ubiquitous mash-up of country and southern hip hop, cowboy hats and Gucci, stallions and Maseratis, the wildly viral song "Old Town Road" went from meme to megahit within weeks.

'American Taliban' Lindh to be released as Afghan war still boils

Washington - John Walker Lindh, dubbed the "American Taliban" after he was captured fighting for the Islamist insurgents in November 2001, will be freed from prison Thursday amid concerns he has not forsaken the radical ideology that took him to Afghanistan.

Chinese drone maker to install airplane and helicopter detectors

DJI drone makers will fit all of the drones it now offers, with sensors that can detect airplanes and helicopters. The sensors can receive the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) sent out by planes and helicopters.

Op-Ed: Huawei said to release its own OS for smartphones in the fall

Huawei is planning to release smartphones and tablets with its own operating system later this year. Huawei has only 90 days before its devices will no longer have access to new software updates, for Google's (Alphabet) Android operating system.

Illegal hunting threatens songbird prized as delicacy: study

Washington - Every year, nearly five million breeding pairs of ortolan buntings -- a type of tiny songbird classified as endangered in several countries -- migrate from Europe to Africa for the winter.

Britain routed in UN vote on Chagos

New York - In a stinging defeat for Britain, the United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly demanded Wednesday that London cede to Mauritius the British-ruled Chagos Islands, home to an important military base.

UN expert back in Germany after release from Tunisia

New York - A United Nations arms experts who was arrested in Tunisia in late March on espionage charges has been released and is recovering at home in Berlin, the UN spokesman said Wednesday.

Trump walks out on Democrats as impeachment talk heats up

Washington - Donald Trump erupted in fury Wednesday at unrelenting probes into his links to Russia, as the top Democrat in Congress accused the president of a "cover-up" that could be an impeachable offense.

Need for parking investments in the age of shared mobility

Cities around the world are actively proposing ways to decrease the number of vehicles on the streets. A consequence of this is with strategic parking investments, which are seen as essential for economic growth.

Five key figures in the European elections

Apo - As the clock counts down to the European Parliament elections that start Thursday, here are five key figures in the battle, from arch-eurosceptic Nigel Farage to French President Emmanuel Macron.

Trump walks out on Democrats in fury over Russia probe

Washington - US President Donald Trump abruptly shut down a White House meeting with Democratic leaders Wednesday to vent his fury over ongoing probes into his links to Russia.

US calls for dismantling UN Palestinian refugee agency

New York - The United States called Wednesday for dismantling the United Nations Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA, weeks before unveiling the economic aspects of its long-awaited Middle East peace plan.

Five unusual European election candidates

Apo - A Somali refugee standing as a Green in Britain, a jailed Catalan separatist and the former Greek finance minister running in Berlin are among the more unusual candidates for the European Parliament.

Hong Kong independence activists granted refugee status in Germany

Fpo - Two former Hong Kong independence activists have been granted refugee status in Germany in what is one of the first cases of dissenters from the semi-autonomous Chinese city receiving such protection.

Boy or girl? Hong Kong at centre of banned China gender test

Fpo - Shady middle-men are openly advertising on Chinese social media to smuggle blood samples of pregnant women to Hong Kong to skirt the mainland's ban on gender testing, an AFP investigation has found.

Britain routed in UN vote on Chagos

New York - In a stinging defeat for Britain, the United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly demanded Wednesday that London cede to Mauritius the British-ruled Chagos Islands, home to an important military base.

Will FAA's plan for 737 MAX fly outside US?

New York - Getting Boeing's top-selling 737 MAX back in the skies faces a critical test this week as the company and US regulators each seek to restore their reputations after two deadly crashes.

Op-Ed: Business vs email — How to win

San Francisco - Email is one of the most efficient messaging systems ever invented. The ability or inability to handle it, however, is a bit less than efficient. New options like Slack are sneaking in to the corporate world, and they’re very welcome.

Colombian army to reword controversial policy on kill orders

Apo - Colombia's army announced it would modify instructions given to troops following an article in the New York Times that claimed a new policy could result in a greater number of civilians being killed in the battle against criminals and militants.

US suspects Syria in new chemical attack, threatens reprisal

Washington - The United States said Tuesday it suspected that Syrian government forces have carried out a fresh chemical attack and it threatened reprisals.
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