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38 most common spelling/grammar mistakes [VIDEO]

Ever mixed up "who and whom?" Or have you written "all intensive purposes" when you should have put down "all intents...

Has Digital Journal relaxed, forgotten, or ceased to apply the ‘golden rule’?

I read a fair number of articles on Digital Journal. I usually focus on subjects that interest me and those that have...
Apr 29, 2013 in  Digital Journal Addicts by Igor I. Solar - 12 comments

True Lies News - A tool for Digital Journalists gathering news and/or background

What started as an aid meant for myself only has now grown in a manner that makes me think it will be of help to the DJ...
May 10, 2013 in  Digital Journal Addicts by R. C. Camphausen - 43 comments

In Memory of R.C. Camphausen

This was certainly not why I Joined Digital Journal, to be writing a piece in memory for Rufus, a veteran here at DJ....
May 21, 2013 by Joyce Singha - 28 comments

What is the vision of Digital Journal

Over the past few weeks, I have seen more and more people express frustration and/or leave DJ all together due to...
Feb 3, 2013 in  Digital Journal Addicts by Greta McClain - 63 comments

Some writers need to develop thicker skins

I wrote a blog about this a few days ago, left it up for a few minutes and then took it down because I lost my nerve....
May 18, 2013 by Sherene Chen-See - 20 comments

Perhaps a little bit of a vent: 12,000 views; hardly a boost in revenues

Perhaps I'm a whiner. Perhaps I complain too much. Perhaps I expect a lot. But how does an article get 12,000 views...
Dec 21, 2012 in  Digital Journal Addicts by Andrew Moran - 80 comments

My first article submitted to a newspaper has been published

Although it is far from being the New York Times, The Guardian or the Washington Post, and it will by no means be an...
Mar 2, 2013 in  Citizen Journalism News n' Views by Greta McClain - 16 comments

1000th article

A minor personal milestone. I published by 1000th Digital Journal article today. I'm not sure how that rate stands in...
Apr 21, 2013 in  Digital Journal Addicts by Tim Sandle - 19 comments

Recording Digital Journalists' subject matter expertise

We've just rolled out a new feature that we wanted to bring to your attention: We're now recording subject matter...
Jan 8, 2013 in  Digital Journal Addicts by Chris Hogg - 27 comments Tip #44: How to write a Top 10 article

The list article, as the top-10 post is often called, can be an effective way to convey your information in an easily...

DJournalists should NOT be deleting comments just because they disagree with the author

dear editors: yet again, i've had my comments to a story, by Larry Clifton deleted, simply because i disagreed with...
Nov 17, 2012 in  Digital Journal Addicts by Hans Smedbol - 40 comments

Digital Journal Tip #43: 15 things you should do before publishing content

Have you ever published content on Digital Journal and then thought, "Darn, forgot to check that!" Whether you're a new...

Two million page views!

Just went over the 2 million mark and now at 2,017,090. Imagine if I made a cent for every page view! :)
Apr 16, 2013 by Anne Sewell - 21 comments

How Digital Journal may have been one step ahead of MSM

On Tuesday this week I picked up a hint via my (personal) Facebook feed that a storm might be brewing in relation to...
Apr 26, 2013 in  Citizen Journalism News n' Views by Robert Myles - 7 comments

A good move...however where's the Latest News?

I have to go along with the critique posted by sumdume in a separate blog. I do like the look of the most recent...
May 24, 2013 in  Digital Journal Help by Gar Swaffar - 19 comments

What is the point of a Rolex watch?

A few years ago I bought a Sekonda watch. Being a scatterbrained sort of individual, I lost it, and bought another one,...
Feb 6, 2013 by Alexander Baron - 13 comments

Heard from some awesome people about my DJ articles...

Ever wonder who is reading your articles and how wide reaching they are? Because of DJ's high Google rankings and...
Jan 28, 2013 in  Writers Group by Sherene Chen-See - 6 comments

Remarkable, sudden interest on a 5-year-old article

Strange, inexplicable things happen occasionally in Digital Journal. Some time ago (Dec. 2012), hundreds of New Yorkers...
May 9, 2013 in  Digital Journal Addicts by Igor I. Solar - 21 comments

Digital Journal wishes everyone a joyous holiday season!

Digital Journal wants to wish you all, our readers and contributors and fans, a wonderful safe and memorable holidays....
Dec 24, 2012 in  Digital Journal Addicts by David Silverberg - 13 comments
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