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• Embed Video

If you captured awesome footage of a celebrity encounter, a politician making a speech or a boat sinking somewhere in the Atlantic, we want to see it.
We let you embed your videos from almost any site; YouTube, MySpace Video, Metacafe — you name it. If you have a video there, use the “embed code” to showcase your video on in an article. It’s that easy.
If you don’t have any videos you shot yourself but you found something worth sharing, you can grab the embed code from those videos and you’re seconds away from those clips reaching a massive audience.

• Using embed codes

If you find a video on YouTube or another video sharing site, you will often see a small line of text just beside it that says “share” or “embed.” Copy this code (highlight it and press CTRL+C). Once you’re on you can paste that code in one of the two ways specified below. To see a sample of an embed code, click here.
Embedding a featured video in news articles
A video can only be added to a news article by the article’s author. Digital Journalists write the news on the site, so we leave embedding video up to them. If you shot or found a video that you want them to see, post a comment or click on their name and send them a link. If they like the video, they can choose to embed it in their article.
If you are a Digital Journalist and you want to add video to your own work, you will need to post an article to go with it. The article should describe the video and why it’s newsworthy. While writing or editing your article, you will see a small field that says “embed code” (it’s just below your article’s body of text). Paste the code there. If you are not a Digital Journalist and you want to become one to embed your own video, you can check out how to become a Digital Journalist.
Embedding multiple videos in articles and comments
You can also embed one or more videos inside an article or comment by clicking on the the small square button that has a YouTube icon. If you're posting an article or comment you'll see this button along with the tools to make text bold, italic, link, photo embed and spell-check.
Once you click that button, follow the prompts -- it will ask you to provide a link to the video. Copy the website URL from YouTube where your video is and paste it in the pop-up. Our system will take care of the rest so when you publish your articleor comment the video will be embedded automatically.

• What video should I embed?

As a news site, we’re primarily looking for news-related video or video about current events. It might be a video of a politician, a new gadget or even something from a conference.
Do not embed
We do not accept video with full-frontal nudity, genitalia, pornography, offensive or inappropriate content as deemed inappropriate in the sole judgement of Digital Journal, Inc. These videos will be removed and your account could be closed without warning.