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• Discuss and Debate is known for its passionate, hilarious and often controversial discussions and you can be part of them.
At any given moment there is someone talking about a photo, debating politics, voting on who will win the big game or lashing out at corporate irresponsibility. Everyone has an opinion, and we want you to share it.
Have your say on any news article or photo or video; subscribe to threads to be notified by email when someone replies; and see what everyone else is talking about in our Live Events widget. It’s simple, and we make it easy to see what’s hot.
You can always find what people are talking about by looking at the Live Events or Latest Comment widgets.

• Giving out your gift of the gab

We welcome all kinds of conversations. The following are ways in which you can stay connected, discuss and debate topics:
Feedback, fact-checking, jokes or revelations — dish them out at the bottom of any article, photo, or video. Writers love to hear what you think, and other readers crave unique and worldly perspectives.
Mom always said there are things you never discuss in polite conversation: politics and religion. Well, we never listened to her anyway and those are two categories that enjoy a lot of fiery discussion. Whether it’s a politician you hate, a gadget you can’t stand or information you crave, we encourage you to politely debate any topic. Remember, you aren’t talking to a computer. There is a person on the other end of your conversation so be respectful and debate the facts without attacking anyone personally.
This is the mother ship of conversation. Create your own Group or join one to discuss your interests with communities of like-minded people (More info on Groups here).
Subscribe to threads
Staying connected on the Web is difficult when so much is happening all over the place at once. If you have an account on, simply click the “Subscribe to thread” box at the bottom of every article and you will receive an email anytime someone posts a comment.