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Brett Wilkins

Editor-at-Large based in San Francisco, CA, United States. Joined on Jun 15, 2012
Expertise in Nightlife, clubbing, Politics, Travel, Food, dining & restaurants



U.N. report mentions recent U.S. torture of Afghan detainees

A newly-released United Nations report on detainee torture in Afghanistan details widespread serious abuses committed by Afghan security forces, and multiple "credible and reliable" reports of recent torture by US forces.

Iraq: 20 civilians killed by U.S.-led airstrikes

Twenty civilians were killed in two separate US-led airstrikes targeting Islamic State militants in western Iraq on Thursday.

U.N. report says Islamic State may be committing genocide

A newly-released United Nations report details what the world body calls possible genocide being committed by Islamic State militants in territories the group controls in parts of western and northern Iraq.

CIA plans to increase spying on Facebook, Twitter

Washington - The Central Intelligence Agency is seeking to expand its cyber espionage capabilities so it can increase surveillance of social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.

Drone controlled by human brain unveiled in Portugal

Lisbon - A Portuguese company has demonstrated groundbreaking technology that allows people to pilot unmanned aerial drones using brainwaves.

Wisconsin 'right to work' bill copied from ALEC model legislation

Madison - A progressive watchdog group has revealed that a Wisconsin anti-union bill backed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker was largely copied word-for-word from model legislation drafted by the conservative corporate lobby group ALEC.

Leaked spy cables show Mossad rejected Netanyahu Iran nuke claims

A trove of leaked secret intelligence documents has revealed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's 2012 claim that Iran was a year away from building a nuclear bomb was roundly rejected by his own foreign intelligence agency.

Pao v. Kleiner: Silicon Valley gender discrimination trial begins

San Francisco - It is no secret that the tech and finance industries are dominated by men. Now, one prominent Silicon Valley investment firm is on trial, accused by a former employee of terminating her for speaking out against gender discrimination.

Bill O'Reilly doubles down on Falklands 'combat' reporting lies

New York - As numerous Fox News hosts proceeded to eviscerate NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams after it was revealed he lied about some of his combat reporting during the Iraq War, the conservative network's most popular host was unusually restrained.

Oscars: Stars speak out for social justice; some jokes fall flat

Los Angeles - Oscar winners, nominees and presenters used the global platform of the 2015 Academy Awards to speak out in support of various social justice issues, but some stars shocked many observers with jokes deemed insensitive and even racist.

Lenovo secretly installed Superfish adware on new computers

Computer manufacturer Lenovo has been caught shipping new laptops prepackaged with adware that makes them more vulnerable to hackers in an attempt to deliver advertisements to users.

Aussie GITMO detainee David Hicks' terror conviction overturned

Sydney - A US military court has overturned the terrorism conviction of an Australian man who was imprisoned and tortured for five years at Guantánamo Bay.

GPS-equipped clothing can help protect children with autism

A new clothing line that uses embedded global positioning system (GPS) tracking technology is helping parents protect autistic children, who are prone to wandering away from their homes or supervised spaces.

Google: FBI plan to expand hacking power a 'monumental' threat

Google is warning that a US government plan to expand the Federal Bureau of Investigation's hacking powers is a "monumental" constitutional threat.

Elderly war vet with cancer freezes to death after gas shutoff

Hazel Park - An elderly Vietnam War veteran with throat cancer froze to death in a house just outside Detroit after the public utility company serving the area shut off the home's heating gas supply due to a past-due bill.

UMass Amherst bans Iranian students from science, tech classes

Amherst - Two student groups have blasted an "outrageous" University of Massachusetts Amherst policy that bans Iranian students from enrolling in a wide range of science, engineering and technology courses due to US sanctions policy against the Islamic Republic.

Japan has more electric vehicle charging points than gas stations

Japan now has more electric vehicle charging points than gas stations, an encouraging milestone in a nation that has long been a leader in the transition to post-fossil fuel-powered transportation.

Apple cuts ties with anti-gay Alabama lobbyist Jay Love

Apple Inc. has fired a former Alabama state lawmaker with a history of opposing rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

NSA reportedly hiding spyware deep inside hard drives

A group presumed to be the US National Security Agency has found a way to install surveillance and sabotage spyware deep inside computers it has targeted in numerous nations, a Russian cybersecurity company claimed on Monday.

Egyptian retaliation for Islamic State beheadings kills civilians

Egyptian airstrikes carried out in retaliation for the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians by Islamic State fighters have killed at least seven Libyan civilians.
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