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Brett Wilkins

Editor-at-Large based in San Francisco, CA, United States. Joined on Jun 15, 2012
Expertise in Nightlife, clubbing, Food, dining & restaurants, Politics, Travel



KY clerk who refuses to marry gays found in contempt, jailed

Ashland - A county clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her religious beliefs was found in contempt by a federal judge on Thursday and sent to jail.

California to end unlimited solitary confinement for gang leaders

In a major victory for the prison reform movement, California agreed on Tuesday to end the indefinite solitary confinement of imprisoned gang members.

Video appears to show Texas cops shooting man with hands raised

San Antonio - Video footage shot by a bystander appears to show sheriff's deputies in Texas repeatedly shooting an unarmed and apparently surrendering man with his hands raised in the air.

Va. man jailed 4 months for alleged $5 theft found dead in cell

Portsmouth - A young Virginia man jailed since April without bail for allegedly shoplifting $5 worth of snacks and soda from a convenience store has been found dead in his cell.

Vacationing U.S. troops take down active shooter on French train

Two men described by French media as vacationing U.S. servicemen thwarted an armed attack aboard a high-speed train en route to Amsterdam from Paris, tackling and subduing the suspect after he opened fire with an automatic rifle.

Man who served 21 yrs. of life sentence for marijuana to be freed

A Missouri man who has served 21 years of a life-without-parole prison sentence for nonviolent marijuana offenses will be a free man come September 1.

'Deez Nuts' leads most GOP candidates in North Carolina poll

There's an independent candidate for president who's more popular in North Carolina than all but four of the 17 people seeking the Republican nomination. He's also more popular than all but two Democrat candidates.

Homeless Latino allegedly beaten in Trump-inspired hate crime

Boston - A homeless Latino man was allegedly attacked by two Boston brothers, one of whom said he was inspired by Donald Trump, who in turn responded by suggesting people like the assailants "want this country to be great again."

Cops who killed homeless New Mexico man to stand trial for murder

Albuquerque - A New Mexico judge ruled on Tuesday that two Albuquerque police officers must be charged with murder and stand trial for the March, 2014 shooting death of a homeless camper.

Georgia cops indicted for murder in Taser death of handcuffed man

Two former Georgia police officers were indicted on murder charges Tuesday for the 2014 death of a young black father who was Tasered to death while shackled in handcuffs.

Johannesburg gym boots pro-Palestinian activist Muhammed Desai

Johannesburg - A South African man wearing a pro-Palestinian T-shirt supporting a boycott of Israel was kicked out of a Johannesburg gym on Wednesday.

Sri Chinmoy: Pushing physical and spiritual limits Commissioned

Meditation has long been associated with spiritual awakening and deep relaxation, but we uncover the roots of a particular mode of meditation launched by Sri Chinmoy, an Indian spiritual guru whose meditative theories extended into the athletic world.

Undocumented immigrants get city commissioner jobs in California

Huntington Park - A Los Angeles suburb is raising eyebrows and ire by appointing two undocumented immigrants to city commissioner positions.

Obama administration gives slavery a free pass in favored nations

Washington - High-ranking Obama administration officials pressured State Department human rights experts to gloss over slavery and other human rights violations in countries with which the United States is seeking to enter lucrative trade and strategic agreements.

Judge: Idaho 'ag-gag' law violates free speech

A federal judge ruled Monday that an Idaho law criminalizing the secret filming of animal abuse at factory farms and other agricultural facilities is an unconstitutional violation of free speech rights.

Israeli Medical Assn.: New force-feeding law legalizes torture

Jerusalem - Israel has authorized the force-feeding of hunger striking prisoners despite prohibition of the practice under international law and medical ethics rules, and staunch opposition from the country's own medical association.

Palestinian baby burned to death in Jewish settler attack

Nablus - A Palestinian toddler was burned to death when Jewish settlers set fire to his family's home in the illegally-occupied West Bank early Friday morning.

Ohio cop charged with murdering unarmed black man out on bail

Cincinnati - Ray Tensing, the former University of Cincinnati police officer who shot and killed unarmed black motorist Samuel Dubose earlier this month, has been released from jail on bond after pleading not guilty to murder and manslaughter charges.

'Quit faking': Jailers allegedly ignore woman's dying pleas

Aberdeen - Staff at a South Dakota jail allegedly ignored and mocked the pleas of a Native American mother who was later found unconscious in her cell and died that same day.

Choctaw activist jailed over fine found dead in Mississippi cell

Philadelphia - A Native American activist jailed in Mississippi for failure to pay a minor traffic citation was found dead in his cell earlier this month.
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