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Brett Wilkins

Editor-at-Large based in San Francisco, CA, United States. Joined on Jun 15, 2012
Expertise in Politics, Government



Hustle: The power of textationships

San Francisco - Once upon a time, telemarketing reigned supreme. Today, it’s dying a slow death before our very eyes. Budgets are being slashed, personnel are being reassigned or let go and fewer and fewer prospects are actually picking up the phone to answer calls.

Study: Ocean waves play greater role in trapping CO2

Researchers in Britain have published a groundbreaking study revealing how ocean waves play a much greater role in trapping greenhouse gases than previously known.

'Green rush' as U.S. cannabusinesses list on Canadian exchange

Toronto - Some U.S. marijuana businesses are looking to their neighbor to the north and listing on a second-tier Canadian stock exchange in a bid to circumvent federal prohibitions against cannabis.

NYC passes bill to study algorithm bias in city agencies

New York City - New York City has become the first city in the United States to pass a bill establishing a task force to study whether the algorithms increasingly used by municipal agencies discriminate against certain residents.

Hawaii lawmaker Kaniela Ing to introduce pro-net neutrality bill

Honolulu - A Hawaii state lawmaker has announced he will introduce a bill encouraging publicly-owned local broadband networks days after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal Obama-era regulations protecting net neutrality.

Band whose song tortured detainees plays at GITMO 'Freedom Fest'

A heavy metal band whose music was used to torture prisoners — many of them innocent men and boys — at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba performed at an Independence Day party for troops stationed at the U.S. military base.

Trump aide: 'Immorality,' not guns, to blame for Chicago crime

Chicago - As President Donald Trump said on Friday he was sending federal agents to Chicago to fight an "epidemic" of gun crime, a White House spokeswoman raised eyebrows and ire by claiming the main cause of violence in the city was a lack of "morality."

Coalition kills hundreds more civilians in final fight for Mosul

Iraqi government forces and U.S.-led coalition air strikes are killing large numbers of civilians caught in the crossfire in the final push to capture Mosul from the last remaining Islamic State fighters there.

U.N. blasts 'staggering' loss of life from U.S. bombing of Raqqa

United Nations human rights investigators on Wednesday condemned the "staggering loss of civilian life" caused by U.S.-led air strikes in and around Raqqa, Syria.

Monitor: U.S.-led coalition killing the most Syrian civilians

For the second straight month, the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State (IS) killed more Syrian civilians than IS, dictator Bashar al-Assad's forces or Russian air strikes, according to a leading monitor group.

Pro-gun House Majority Whip Scalise wounded in VA mass shooting

Alexandria - House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), a staunch gun rights advocate, a legislative aide and two Capitol Hill Police officers were reportedly wounded in a mass shooting at a Wednesday morning Republican Congressional baseball team practice in Virginia.

U.S.-led forces apparently use white phosphorus in anti-IS fight

U.S.-led coalition forces have apparently used white phosphorus munitions in densely populated areas of the two most important cities still held by Islamic State (IS) militants.

GOP congressman says God will fix climate change, if it's real

A Republican U.S. congressman told a town hall meeting of his Michigan constituents on Friday that he believes God will "take care of" climate change "if there's a real problem."

Report: 200 Iraqi civilians die as coalition strikes pound Mosul

Massive aerial bombardment carried out by U.S.-led coalition or Iraqi warplanes killed "at least 200" civilians in besieged West Mosul on Tuesday, according to an Iraqi army officer and elected official cited by local and international media outlets.

Mattis: More civilians will die in U.S. 'annihilation' of IS

Defense Secretary James Mattis said the U.S. will escalate its bombing campaign against Islamic State, adding that civilian deaths are an inevitable result of the Trump administration's policy of "annihilation" of the militant group.

106 Syrian civilians — 47 children — die in U.S. air strikes

In what is likely the deadliest incident in the nearly three-year U.S.-led bombing campaign against Islamic State (IS) fighters in Syria, 106 civilians — including 47 children — died in multiple strikes on a town in Deir Ezzor province.

Monitor: U.S. bombing killing more Syrians than Assad air strikes

Recent U.S.-led coalition air strikes have killed the highest number of Syrian civilians since the air campaign against Islamic State militants began — and more civilians than dictator Bashar al-Assad's warplanes last month, a leading monitor reports.

NYT: Classified intel Trump gave Russians came from Israel

Current and former U.S. government officials said that Israel was the source of the highly classified intelligence disclosed by President Donald Trump during last week's White House meeting with top Russian officials.

87 Syrian civilians reportedly killed in latest U.S.-led strikes

U.S.-led air strikes targeting Islamic State (IS) militants have killed scores of Syrian civilians in recent days, media and human rights monitor groups report.

Monitor: U.S.-led bombing kills at least 50 more Syrian civilians

U.S.-led coalition air strikes have killed dozens more Syrian civilians in and around the de facto Islamic State (IS) capital of Raqqa in recent days, local media and human rights monitors report.
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