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Nikki Weingartner

Citizen based in United States. Joined on Jan 13, 2008


Free health assessments and immunizations for students

Back-to-school means different things for different families in America. When it comes to required immunizations, many have a difficult time paying for the mandatory services. It is that time again: free immunizations and health screenings.

GPS Tracking in domestic abuse cases gaining strength

Last month, the state of Texas joined a legislative vanguard that serves to help protect victims of Domestic Violence and Interpersonal Violence, turning the focus on the abuser. Seventeen states in America now have GPS tracking systems.

First White House advisor to address violence against women

In an effort to do more to help fight violence against women, Vice President Joe Biden recently announced the first advisor to the White House. The effort to "shine a light" on the problem is being seen as a momentous occasion in American history.

Houston man uses dummy to drive in high-occupancy lane

How far would you go to drive in the High Occupancy Vehicle Lane? Apparently pretty far for some. In Houston, Texas, see why one local man believed to have caused an accident and major backup on the city's roadway was ticketed.

National coalition joins the fight against one Texas ISD

A Texas school district is once again in the hot seat after it filed an appeal to a lower court's ruling involving religion and cultural rights. However, support from a diverse coalition emerges as they take up arms in support of all students of faith.

Op-Ed: Reviewing the talking iPod shuffle Special

It talks to you, is less than two inches in length and barely over half an inch wide. It holds up to 1,000 of your favourite tunes and lets you sync playlists. It is the new generation of the iPod Shuffle. But has it improved?

Report: 60,000 inmates in U.S. prisons sexually abused every year

Many prisoners sent to fulfill their sentences reportedly endure more than a loss of freedom. A report revealed today shows about 60,000 inmates a year are victims of sexual assault and the abuser is often prison staff.

Tropical Storm Andres could be first hurricane in '09

Is it the first hurricane of the 2009 season? Tropical Storm Andres formed in the Pacific Ocean and is expected to strike somewhere on the Southern coast of Mexico. It is strengthening and could reach hurricane strength over the next 36-hours.

Law on fireworks may leave some vendors starving this July 4

Times are tough this year, with countless individuals struggling to make ends meet in light of the economy. One seasonal profession could find it extra tough as a law in the second largest state in the US may snuff out some upcoming fun.

12-year-old girl accidentally shot by older sister

Galveston, TX - An accidental shooting of a 12-year-old girl happened in a Galveston neighbourhood as area residents were just waking up. Three sisters were believed to be playing with their mother's gun when it went off, striking one of the girls.

Bedroom talk: When sweet nothings turn to terms of parenting

Bedroom behaviour is as personal as the individual personalities themselves. Bedroom talk is often used to enhance the sexual experience. But what happens when terms meant for kids are used during a steamy session?

The untold stories of abortion: Adult accounts of the decision

It is believed that one in every three women make the decision to have an abortion in the United States. Despite the opinions surrounding the legal procedure, those having the procedure are still human and the outcomes often vary.

Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease: Not just heartburn Special

It isn't just your father's heartburn anymore. With individuals being mistakenly treated for other disorders in relation to symptoms caused by the backup of stomach acid into the throat and sinus area, the potential for dangerous problems is rising.

Susan Boyle gets some encouragement from famous celebrities

She shocked an audience and the judges on "Britain's Got Talent." Her name has made headlines for odd behaviours. Now, Susan Boyle is getting some advice from Broadway greats telling the world that she would be a great addition.

Recent developments in the kidnapping of Sean Goldman

As the tireless battle for David Goldman continues in bringing his son back to the United States, a recent ruling by a Brazilian judge has opened the door for the reuniting of the pair. Unfortunately, the Brazilian government has put up another roadblock.

Investigation launched on Mosul police following soldier's death

As the deadline for inner-city operations comes to a close, the focus is turning to the lack of police professionalism as two Mosul officers are under investigation in the shooting death of a US soldier and his interpreter.

Karstadt Department Store owner files bankruptcy in Germany

Following a request for emergency government funds that were denied, Arcandor has filed for insolvency, or bankruptcy. The initial filing was recently widened to incorporate more of its interests. Karstadt is one the most known retail names.

Two young girls placed on wrong flights by major airline

If you think delayed and lost luggage is a problem on airlines these days, you may want to think again. Continental Airlines erroneously put two children on wrong planes this past weekend. Both girls were located safe but far from their destination.

Teen wins texting championship title and $50,000 US

Think texting is a waste of time? Not according to 250,000 individuals who entered the LG U.S. National Texting Championship. Based on speed and accuracy as well as response time, the competitors type it out for a chance to win $50,000 US.

Study: Drug used in treating cancer found to improve aging skin

Secondary benefits of prescription medications is not an uncommon find in the world of medicine. In the past, patients treated with a chemotherapy drug for certain cancers noted skin improvement. A new study confirms anti-aging results.
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