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Murray Newlands

Citizen based in San Francisco, CA, United States. Joined on Dec 20, 2013
Expertise in General business news & info, Small business, Exercise & fitness, Technology, Social media,   see all» Motorcyles, Travel, Politics, Internet, Stocks & trading



Discovery engine Flipora announces $1.5 million in funding

Just after releasing its iPhone mobile app in May, game-changing content discovery company Flipora announces $1.5 in funding

3 days until NASA space probe New Horizons reaches Pluto

After nine-and-a-half years of exploration, NASA's Space probe "New Horizons" has only three days remaining in its three-million-mile journey to Pluto.

PandaDoc closes $5 million Series A to enhance sales automation

PandaDoc, a document automation solution for sales reps, recently closed a $5 million Series A round of funding. With funding it looks to expand its team of 35.

New CG animation tool to revolutionize the industry

Computer generated (CG) animation has become extremely popular during the past two decades, and it is now much more common to see this type of rendering in films and TV shows as opposed to stop-motion or hand drawn animation.

Zoku app offers perfect blend of anonymity for social networking

Social networking sites are among the most popular and frequently visited online destinations, and they have experienced a large surge in membership numbers as smartphones have become more easily accessible.

Facetune app brings ease to editing smartphone photos

Most people take and store the vast majority of their digital photographs with their smartphone, with the final pics offering up mixed results as far as quality is concerned.

4 top men's fashion trends for spring 2015

As spring approaches, guys are looking for ways to sport the latest fashions and get noticed. There will always be those moments in the spring where a pair of shorts and a t-shirt are the ideal solution to a wardrobe...

How does wearable technology impact fitness goals?

Wearable technology is much more than just a trend. In fact, when it is utilized properly, it can have a big impact on the user’s fitness goals.

Tilofy brings the power of location based browsing

The Internet is the most powerful connectivity tool available, but it also so densely packed with websites that some people have a difficult time finding what they are looking for.

3 of the most innovative technological kickstarter campaigns

Kickstarter is a fantastic resource for raising money for a long list of different creative and technical ideas, and it has produced amazing results for some fundraising hosts.

3 life-changing medical apps everyone needs

Technology is making it increasingly easier for us to stay in touch with family and friends, and it also offers a new way to manage a variety of health concerns.

Technology that helps you get a good night's sleep

Sleep is one of the most vital aspects of our daily existence, but it is also something people struggle with. Whether your sleep issues are caused by insomnia, a hectic work schedule or having a newborn baby, it is critical for you to fix this problem.

10 popular gadgets debuting in March

The world of electronics and technology is constantly coming out with new and innovative products, ranging from faster processors to video games that fully harness the power of a home gaming system.

Huawei announces 3 new wearables

The Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain is an important event for those in the technology industry. In addition to updated cellular devices, companies such as Huawei are unveiling state-of-the-art products such as wearable devices.

HTC One M9 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6: Which smooth phone do you want?

The two hottest cellular device manufacturers on the planet just made an announcement within hours of each other about the many exciting features their devices will soon offer to consumers.

Samsung signs deal with Apple and LG

Samsung has signed a deal with both Apple and LG to provide DRAM chips for their next generation smartphones, according to an article in the Korea Times.

Apple may enter the car industry

Industry insiders are speculating that Apple is considering entering the car industry, joining Google and Tesla Motors in the production of electric cars.

Cases that are as smart as your phone

By the year 2018, it is predicted that more than 220 million people will own smartphones in the United States. This is a considerable growth since 2010 when just under 63 million people were using smartphones.

Nissan announces glow-in-the-dark paint

Nissan, which is experimenting with self-cleaning car paint just announced that it has developed a glow-in-the-dark car paint.

NASA cameras catch fireball

NASA cameras caught a massive fireball that erupted over Pittsburgh at 4:45 a.m. on Tuesday, February 17, 2015. The fireball could be clearly seen from areas of New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
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